Login Servers Down? [10/04]

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As the title reads.

Unable to get past the Login.
Same here.
Same issue here, unable to login on battlenet either
Location: East midlands UK
Yes, experiencing the same at the moment.
Yep. I get to position 1 in the login queue, then "You have been disconnected. (BLZ5190073)". Again and again.
Same problem.
It seems that is not only WoW, but the other Blizzard games too
aye cant connect
Joining the conversation with "same here"
yeah same hereeeeeeee!
Well hate to be just another one but "Same here"
Same here...
Typ joinign with the same "servers full" first in que then disconects
same here
same here
same here
Same here
Yupp.. Error BLZ51903003
We couldn't log you in. Please check for breaking news or try again later.

More help: BLZBNTBGS80000011 (73)

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