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Twisting Nether
SERVER: Twisting Nether EU

iO is a mature guild that have been playing since classic WoW, with the core of the guild having played with/against each other for many years prior in other games. We used to be hardcore but as the years went by too many of us became parents etc so we now only raid twice a week. At the moment we clear heroic and with rarely enough online for mythic, only managed two boss kills in Nighthold.

To be honest, we will consider any nice applicant but as things stand we would love the following classes:
Shaman (Elemental and Resto)
Hunter (ranged preferred)
Druid (Feral and Owl)
Priest (any spec)
Mage (any spec)
Warlock (any spec)
DH (Havoc)

If you are a mature person who is keen to raid Wednesday and Sunday evenings to a good standard but without the pressures associated with Mythic focused level demands please get in touch via H1ve#2648 ;)

PS - we're about to start raiding on alts on Mondays too if thats of interest :)
Hello there,

Im almost on the same boat with you guys. I have been raiding and main tanking in my guild for almost 10 years (damn) and now feel like I need a chill.

I have always been a paladin tank but currently enjoying my guardian druid.

If you need a big fat bear getting spanked while you go afk, feel free to contact me.
Bump as we really need a good player who is confident and happy to swing between Damage and Healing specs of their class (except Druid) depending on our needs on the night.

Any hybrid players out there? :)
Still looking for good and reliable players. Don't really care too much about how geared you are as long as you're social, show up and can perform (percentile rating) well with what you have, we'd be happy to gear you up.

Message me ingame ;)
Very keen on any main spec healer that's not a Resto Druid! If you enjoy keeping those bars green, give me a shout please :)
Bump! Still in need of a Priest or Shaman healer.
Due to having too many trialists not work out, we are once more looking for damage dealers and a healer to join our ranks. Please get in touch if interested :)
I've got a Balance Druid, Frost Mage and Prot Paladin and I'm looking for a good guild/raid team. Happy to change specs if needed but I'm a really !@#$ healer so don't think I'd be suitable for Tank/DPS. BattleID is Woddell#21963

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