LF heric/mythic guild

Twisting Nether
Still lf a raiding guild that is doing NH heroic on farm and is progressing mythic.
I have raiding experience, Ilvl 894, I'm a really good player who knows and does raid mechanics (got my challenger artifact skin too)

My battlenet is LazyTurtle#215825 so you can msg me for more info :)
Hi there Grimair i would like to have a chat with you pls add me Decca#2940
Hello there,

SALT is recruiting to strengthen our main team as we progress further into mythic Nighthold (2/10 M), and in preparation for ToS.

We're mainly looking for additional DPS, check us out: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613782924?page=1

Please add me @ Moon#2851 to discuss further.


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