Howling Blast damage nerf (HIDDEN CHANGE)

Death Knight
Can someone be so kind as to explain WHY did we get a nerf without any information from you, Blizzard? The tooltip clearly changed yet we get no information. Nice one
They did say (LONG AGO) that they would change HB aoe part dmg, and buff the talent from 25-30%, however I am not sure if that was done in 7.1.5 (90-82.5) or now with 82.5-66. Anyway, I do not recall ever seeing them post smth about such a huge number, it's basically a 20% nerf to HB AoE dmg.
Stuff like that needs to come with patch notes ^^

Edit: The 25-30% buff to FF was made in 7.1.5
Edit2: after digging in old patch notes from nov 30 I found this:
It's "POSSIBLE" that HB wasn't even supposed to be at 82.5% to begin with, and it was a "bugfix" just like the RA = RE*1.2 bug. Thus it might not have been mentioned.
Edit3: There was no HB change at all, it's a different spellID and it shows up as different HB IDs on Warcraftlogs, 1 for Maintar, 1 for 2ndtars.
It's not a nerf... It's a tooltip correction.

In 7.1.5 the cleave aspect of Howling Blast was reduced from 70.1% AP to 66% AP.

Howling Blast Blast the target with a frigid wind, dealing [ 82.5% of AP ] Frost damage to that foe, and [ 66% of AP ] Frost damage to all other enemies within 10 yards, infecting all targets with Frost Fever. Frost Fever A disease that deals [ 440% of AP ] Frost damage over 24 sec and has a chance to grant the Death Knight 5 Runic Power each time it deals damage. Death Knight - Frost Spec. 1 Runes. 30 yd range. Instant.

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