Legion Assaults Removed from Pathfinder

We’ve heard a lot of feedback and it’s clear to us that the cyclical Assaults schedule, and the design of the “do all 4” achievement for Pathfinder, weren’t compatible.

World Quests come and go all the time during the day too, while people are at work or asleep, and it’s not a big deal because they’re largely interchangeable. But that would change if we had an achievement required for Pathfinder that asked you to do a specific checklist of world quests. A lot of the stress and concern about “missing” individual Assaults is tied to this achievement, so we’re removing the achievement from Pathfinder via hotfix.

Once this hotfix is active, you will only need to reach Revered with the Armies of Legionfall and fully explore the Broken Shore to earn Legion flying.
Happy days!
I mean I'm happy you actually did something. But....are you for real? Instead of adressing the ACTUAL problem - namely that people aren't able to participate in the invasions which they WANT to, you simply change the dependency for the Pathfinder? And then the second invasion spawns at 3am.

Three !@#$%^- AM.
I am on my way to work and i said to myself lets check legion companion and surprize! Another beautiful hour assault ill never get (somehow i expected that to come), but now i read this part was removed from fly i feel better. Thx
I couldn't care less about the flying, I want to do the invasions.

Fix the timing please, just make them chain like the pre-expansion invasions. Not rocket science, you've done it before...
06/04/2017 03:06Posted by Lore
Once this hotfix is active, you will only need to reach Revered with the Armies of Legionfall and fully explore the Broken Shore to earn Legion flying.

What does this fix? I couldn't do the invasion yesterday, logged in before I had to go to work today just to see I'll miss another invasion(got 2 missions done, then I had do bail).

I don't give a rats !@# about flying, I actually want to do the INVASIONS, not fly.
Thanks for this. I do like the invasions, but I also want to fly already. The timing of the invasions was a bit stupid though.
I just wake up and saw stormheim is under attack and only 1hr left. I mean assault up times a bit stupid, they are up in midnight wth? Lul
What about the bigger issue? Are you going to fix the artifact challenges anytime soon guys?
Yes, let's cure the symptoms and not the disease. Thank god that you are game devs and not doctors.
So, the much hyped invasions that are such a big thing about 7.2..... only up at random times for a short duration and you DIDNT make sure that they would be up at the peak times for your users in specific regions ?

Yep, sounds like working as "Intended"....... and by intended I mean as per usual. Poorly thought out, poorly implemented, and completely missing the obvious.

I mean, maybe its just me, but if I were in charge of this thing I would make VERY certain that for the first week there was ALWAYS an invasion up at the start of peak hours or starting within that period.

Looks like the players arent the only ones who got !@#$ed by RNG on this occasion :P
I understand why people complain about the timing of the assaults.
But the assaults are essential for the story in some way, and hotfixing them out for the flying achievement is a way of "fixing" but personally i would go for another way to fix things.

What was wrong with the pre-launch mechanic of the assaults?
Ok at first there where not that much assaults but as time passed by we got more and more assaults and in the end we where all over the place to defend Azeroth.
If it is technical possible i would go for that mechanic and everybody is happy.
People need to have the achievement of defending Azeroth to fly (Developer happy)
People have acces to assaults to get the achievement (Players happy)
Developers + Players happy = Everybody is a winner!

Why did you try to invent the wheel again, while there was a nice assaultmechanic already ingame?
As happy as I am that the invasions are now excluded considering the awful times they are up, I'd rather have it included in the achievement and that you make it so the invasions are up at any given point. Perhaps 8am-8pm, or 3am-10pm. I'm not a game dev so that's not my issue. I'm trying to say that a symptomatic cure (assault up at wrong time = remove it from achievements) isn't what we want. We want a solution to the problem. Which is the assault uptimes and when they appear. I was excited about the assaults and got disappointed even yesterday when I saw it was only up until 3pm. 3am and 6 hours uptime is not suitable for anyone despite those people who play the entire night til 7am then sleep till 3pm.
Honestly, this has got to be the deafest development team ever.

People want to be able to participate in the assaults, instead of not having to do them. Is it so difficult to reschedule the rotation?

Lazy workaround. We'll be flying during the day on a place where what we want to participate in happens while we have to sleep. Thrilling.

Quite honestly given all the most recent events on how this game is developing, and on how these situations are being handled, renewal of subscription feels more and more like a waste.
Removing the requirement for the achievement is indeed not going to solve the true issue at hand that people have: the Timing of the invasions.

Now Personally I've managed both of those that were here, but since we can't repeat an invasion anyway, wouldn't the actual true solution just be to have the invasion up the whole day, and then de-activate it for the player that has completed it?
Even with the removal of the requirement for the achievement there are still a lot of players that are going to miss out on the Invasions, because they are in the EU for some reason located within our working hours or even sleeping ones.

Now as to why the whole day?
so that regardless of where in the EU the people are they can participate at some point.

Come on Blizzard Entertainment solve the actual problem instead of trying to limit the problem with a wet ban-aid.

Can't say I agree with this decision.
06/04/17 Stormheim invasion went live at 3am....
now it seems they did not only take it down from the av but removed the 1500 reputation you get from it. I will do them for the story but there is no reason to do them anymore. Netharshards can be grinded faster and and the reputation is gone. good job blizzard.
The last time I was this frustrated with this game was with the WoD release day, when you had 1000's of players entering the same zone at the same time all trying to click on the same quest item. Laughable I know!

But still as poorly designed as back then.

One more unsubbed 'happy' customer to your list.
Lazy Blizzard being lazy, yet again
A little bit of developer insight, as to why they are hesitant to extend the duration of invasions, was provided with the latest batch of hotfixes:

Developers’ notes: The rotating Legion Assault schedule is designed to have them active at varying times of day over the course of a given week, to accommodate different work schedules and available free time. We're hesitant to have an Assault last for too long, because they stomp on the entire World Quest content of a given zone for the duration, potentially leaving players with nothing to do there once the Assault is complete. But this design doesn't mesh well with an important achievement that requires completion of all four zones - if anything, it causes stress over scheduling and potentially missing specific zones during the cycle. The Defender achievement was never intended to be a major obstacle on the path to flight in the Broken Isles; its inclusion was more for thematic purposes and completeness. As such, we're removing it from the meta-achievement required to unlock flying.

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