[H] <Psychosis> PvP (18+)

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade


Psychosis is now recruiting! We are looking for fellas to join our arms mainly for Battle Grounds, but we are not limited to that as if you are Arena crazed, you will definently find your comrades here.

Currently we have a group that is up and running every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday around 8 PM server time and extra members are always welcome, more than that we are looking forward to build more groups, therefore we will be able to cover additional days for those who have a strict schedule.


  • 18+ (Mature lads with balls)
  • Experience in PvP (If not a PRO, don't worry, we`ll get there)
  • Discord + Mic & Headphones
  • Realms: The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade

If you fit in the frames mentioned above, this might be an oppurtunity for you to have tons of fun with us! Take my word for that. progress included.

References available upon request

Feel free to leave a reply here or contact me for more info, you can do that by whispering/mailing me to:


Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!
Me and 3 of my friends are looking for a PvP guild on your server would we be able to join?

just leave your battle tag or contact me in the game and we can discuss it further :)
I am looking for a PVP guild,
I have this Monk (still gathering Gear tho) Main Healer and a Warrior Dps 900ilvl.
Have exp in pvp since TBC but in Legion doing only Arena skirmisses and Random BGs.

If interresting to chat or inv Wisp me .. Palabos#2129
I would love to come visit and see how the flow go.
im looking for a great group of players to win BGs. rendome or rated (ofcurse rated its the main goal but need to practice somewere).
please contact me Sol#2206

im 872 ilvl. and still learning my DH (its ever end? (: )
but i belve thets its more about tactic and matureness to be good at BGs (unlike arena)
Looks like incative thread
Is you guys still around? If so i would be intrested in joining :)
Old Wotlk player who just got back to retail from AT where i have around 2,3k exp.

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