Updates from @WarcraftDevs Patch 7.2

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A new patch means new tweets from the World of Warcraft development team! This thread is an archive of @WarcraftDevs tweets regarding patch 7.2.


@WarcraftDevs is an official World of Warcraft Twitter account offering design insight and information directly from the World of Warcraft Development Team.

For past updates, please refer to Updates from @WarcraftDevs - Patch 7.1/7.1.5.

Where is my custom lag tolerance?!

The cvar was renamed and is now: "SpellQueueWindow". There wasn't a way to change it for players who had leftover non-default values there.

We've isolated the issue causing Trilliax to behave oddly (as well as a few other issues) and are working to fix it ASAP.


This fix is now live. If you were experiencing this, you may need to soft reset the instance by having everyone zone out for 20-30 minutes.

Is this trait activated in PvP? Didn't notice my HP changing inside arena after getting it.

Yes. The trait is active in PvP, but don't forget: all players are granted the stamina from this trait whether they have the trait or not.

Devs know the bug related to Chi Burst doing no damage to enemies when in heal spec? I hope you're hotfixing that soon!

Yes. This issue appears to be applying to most moving area effects. Please know that fixing this is a top priority for us right now.

does crafting a legendary will reset my built up "luck" of getting a new legendary or not?

Crafted legendaries have no impact on your luck with drops.

shadow fiend is not benefiting from the artifact weapon trait if glyph of the sha is applied. Can you look into this?

We're testing a hotfix for this right now.

for realms with much lower population, is it going to take weeks ( or months) to construct a building on the broken shore?

Broken Shore Buildings aren't realm-specific. They're region-wide, which means you're seeing many realms working together with you.

Is there a reason why prowl no longer has a stealth animation? I just run like normal.

This was an intentional aesthetic change. Movement speed while Prowling was so fast that the walk animation didn't look quite right.

hey do you think you will release the actual cutoffs for titles now that season 2 is over?

Yes! We're processing disqualifications right now, and we'll post the cutoffs when that process is complete.

Eleshaman's FIre Elemental now attacks on pull, and therefore cannot be casted before the pull. Is that an intended change?

Yes, this is an intended change.

Yes, you should be able to summon your pet before pulling your enemy. More here:

spellblade aluriels mirror images fire patches on Ground were invisible to us. Several, If not All, members confirmed it.

A hotfix for this was recently made live. You should once again be able to watch your footing! She'd hate to see you slip up.

Are you aware that people cant get up to AK25 if the research for AK24 and 25 was in progress prepatch? Will that be fixed?

Yes. We hotfixed this a little while ago. More details here:


again there are no stacks on flag carriers on bgs/rbgs

We're aware that Focused Assault is not being applied to flag carriers. A fix for this is in testing.

Work continues to resolve issues with Elisande, as well as some class abilities (Divine Storm, Frozen Orb,etc.). This is a top priority.

We've updated our hotfixes blog post with today's latest, including several adjustments to the Broken Shore:
03/04/2017 10:07Posted by Aerythlea

Work continues to resolve issues with Elisande, as well as some class abilities (Divine Storm, Frozen Orb,etc.). This is a top priority.


We believe we have a fix for the issues with certain class abilities. Should be live now in EU, and after restarts tomorrow morning in NA.


We're working round-the-clock to fix the issues with Elisande but do not yet have a fix in place.


We have a possible fix for Elisande/Gul'dan issues, but it needs extensive testing. We're doing so overnight, and hope to apply it tomorrow.

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