WORST major patch in wow history (7.2)

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Do you realy think your customers are fool ?

You listed a lot of feature about 7.2 and gated everything for gaining sub.
We cant fly because we need reputation but there is nothing to do more than few silly wq for gain it. Do you want new cool items like mini unlimited flask ? Sorry you need rep.

Do you wanna craft leather legendary and at long last leather working worth something ? Sorry you need building that if people want to complate it in a week maybe. But hey also its destructable you have to hurry or rebuild it if people wont give up for another week.

Do you want more story and quest ? Sorry they are gated maybe if you pay us more we can open them later. Because this is not free 2 play mmo.

Do you want new artifact skins or class hall challange quests ? Sorry you have to sub more cuzz we dont trust our game is fun enough you only have to wait


Invasions ? Soon ofc

Ohh also we added bugs for 1/5 off class skills you have to wait for fix sorry.

And we added ilvl scale now your high end gear is your real enemy maybe you must think to unequip few item this is easy.

There much more bugged and gated content SOON...

Thx for this bullsh.t patch you lost all your expansion reputation with 1 idiotic patch. Your customers are not fool, dont forget this. Also we will never forget how you ruined pvp + class mechanics...

Tomb of sargeras soon too...

Do you want more class balance ? Its soon too

Seriously tell me what did you release with this 7.2 ? Only half our questline and 1 linear dungeon ? And we waited too long for this ? 2 hour content ? More bugs and broken ilvl scale ? More grind ?
I don't like how there's minimal class design changes in such a major patch, especially when some classes could use them, 'cough warlocks cough'.
11 week for get class mount lol this must be april fool joke.
30/03/2017 01:15Posted by Gideach
I don't like how there's minimal class design changes in such a major patch, especially when some classes could use them, 'cough warlocks cough'.

Even though there hasn't been any major class design changes, all these new traits will be pushing the top performing specs around

Edit: Why did this comment get so many downvotes? Was just a simple thought. Oh well :D
Amen brother. This patch is a complete joke. My class became almost unplayable because of the bugs. Some of the kirin-tor wqs are bugged too. Im not against time gated stuff as long as its reasonable. But amount of time gate in this patch is atrocious. Amount of game breaking bugs are unbelievable even though they were testing this patch for MONTHS! This expansion went really good until this patch. But I can safely say that its crediblity got damaged.
I thought the worst major patch was the tbc launch, cos that wrecked vanilla. Or the wrath launch patch, cos that wrecked tbh. Or the cata launch patch cos that wrecked wrath. Or the mop launch patch cos that wrecked cata. Or the wod launch patch cos that wrecked mop. Or the legion launch patch cos that wrecked wod, well ok, maybe not that last one.

Or any patch that nerfed anyone. Or maybe the selfie camera patch.
Still 100 times better than "6.1 - Garrison Update"
Atleast it gave something more to do, unlike this. 5 quests and you're done.
give it some time but they claimed "biggest patch in wow history" and i just see a couple of quests here and there, a dungeon and a terrible AP grind incoming again, not real content, just repeatable one.

Yesterday i farmed 10M AP which is what i got weekly, got it on a day niceeee!! problem is that meant 3 weapon traits on 7.1.5, not it was 1/4 so the grind is unstoppable and we need like 15 before getting to the 50 endless one.

At least it could be alt/offspec friendly... please shared AP between offspecs...
There are things to do, but they spreaded them way too thin.

Mog runners - cool new stuff for you - whatever, most of us already have the mogs that we want.
New PvP Season - Legion PvP.
Pet Battle dungeons - Er... Can someone say if they are good? (not sarcastic)
New traits - Cool, I guess? I can't say that the new traits are fun, but they are present.
Paragon reputation - It is better then I presumed, but it needs a week of wind up time, before you start reaping the rewards. At this rate after a week people will get paragon chests almost daily.
New Dungeon - Meh 30 mins.
Introducing Mythic dungeons in HC - grats for people that wanted them, it does not effect me.
New M+ affixes - I hate m+, but I guess they are content, even without me doing them.
New WQ - beside Broken Shores, did not notice anything else, but I may not be wrong.

Overall, this patch is boring now, will be rather fun after couple of weeks, but... Bad way to start it.
30/03/2017 09:25Posted by Solidari
11 week for get class mount lol this must be april fool joke.

Sadly its the truth,without that people would unsub, now they ensured that they will pay for 3 months just to get the mount and see the story. Hope it backfires like it did with me,I was planning to do all classes campaign again but now i will just check them on youtube and deny them the 2 extra months ( i fell for the trap like an idiot and got a token last night)
As mentioned, playing longer is more money to Blizzard. Activision in a nutshell, they care only about money.
It's far from being the worst update in WoW's history.

Tbh, the update has many good parts - including some landscape challange, new mechanism and so on.
True that some things need to be fixed - like the ability to use faction-tagging to grief people opening portals by rushing into the portal and spam AoE.

And the qualitiy of the story writing needs to be improved, big time.

On the other hand - there are many positive aspects as well, and really, there is nothing wrong about waiting a bit before getting everything, as long as there's enough things to do now. Gating is fine and was always present, the quetions is the quantity.
Really, poeple can't expect go have everything being spoonfed to them immediatly - then in two weeks, they will start complain that they are bored, because nothing really left to do.

So - nope, its not a greater then great masterpiece, but its far from being "the worst", like 6.1. on sompe aspects, it's much better then the 6.2 Tannan updater.

Really, too much exaggerating and entitled anguish, even if it have a seed (or more) of truth in it.
It's not a major patch. It's a prepach for what there is to come. 7.2 is just a number. The only bad change is the scaling of the world mobs, but there is a huge dscussion about it.
The patch is doing with it is ment to do - upgrade the artifact weapons, give an idea about the new world content, and try to fix the Legendary syste (try being the key word).
It's not the worst patch in history of WoW. Maybe it wasn't quite what you expected though.

EDIT: I'm starting to think I was wrong about this. 7.2 is doing pretty well on the race for worst patch.
still more content than patch 6.1
6.1 would like to disagree with you.
If you look at content window yea 6.1 may worst but there is much more worse situation.

First of all they lied about content release and gated everything for long time delay only for sub. This is alone worst move in their history. This is evil move.

And with long ptr still they released bugfest patch. Ice mage's frozen orb, retri's dvine storm, dh's fel rush bosses abilities a lot more skills bugged atm. Zone bugs mob bugs quest bugs etc...

At the end ilvl scale. Why they did this i have no ide maybe they wanted to kill their own games. If mobs dmgs and hps will rise with my gear what is the point geting good gear.

Too many mistakes too many evil stuff, lack of content cuzz of greedy activision. Kotick buy soul of blizzard at long last.

Also dont forget this is not fckng free 2 play mobile game that you have to wait for playing more. What will we see at next patch ? 5x try health on our portrait for raid bosses ? If we wipe 5 time in a day we have to wait next day for refill try healths.

Maybe they may gated dungeon releases at next xcpansion. 1 month after expansion release they can start to release dungeons 1 by 1 each week.

Maybe with this greedy activision we can see dungeons and raids as a dlc ?
I'm the last person to defend Activision.
Believe me, I despise that company and the Kotick as much as you do, if not more.
I despise them for many things, mainly rolling warcraft story and immersion downhill in purpose, to make the game fit facebook gamers and young kids.

And the list goes further, and futher.

But Still, from this to demand everything now, or else... there's a great distance.

Some weaks to wait for luxury items or mounts doesn't seem that bad, same as building reputation to get the better items and commodities. Better then people finishing everything in 1-2 weeks then complaining that "there is no content"

From what I've seen, I played at the broken shore about 3 hourse last night, and I've completed the basic objectives - and yet there's much more left for me to achieve.

And demonic invasions coming next week...
As I see it, they will give nice and new alternative to the old, chewed world quests.

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