Brawl: Arathi Blizzard


Although I am a single customer very angry at your current class design, I must say this concept is really awesome, and I hope you expand it to some more maps and hopefully, in time, the entirety of Azeroth! (Depending on the seasons ofc :D.)

Great how intense weather can change up the way a game is played, really good job, hope for more in the future!
New Arathi is amazing. Much more fun.

I just wish they would simply give us all new BGs instead of limiting it to one per week, like a
time gate
special event.

But then I remember it's Blizzard.
I love how this battleground looks! Thanks to the Blizzard you can't see a problem before it hits you in the face!

Pun intended.
Why are you showing that this is fun???

I can almost sense Blizzbot lurking around to make these brawls rep gated with an obscure naga faction...
Is so much fun and the weather is epic is so cool how you cant really see the other faction till they hit you in the face :P

so many people moaning and crying like little kids is kinda funny they just cant accept that there is something new in pvp. Would be bloody awesome to do this in av or something like that.

Roll on more events like this as it just got more fun to do some pvp :D

Thank you blizzard you rock
Me and a friend played it like 7 times non stop and our minds were blown by how many small but clever changes (fog, snow changing terrain, frozen lakes)...makes everything fresh and cool. Props to whoever designed this, and give them a raise.
Yes, it is indeed very nice. Whole Azeroth should really have similar weather effects, depending on the season, time of day etc.

Not like same thing all the time, like it is now.

The brawl ab is pretty much a new bg. It plays differently from standard ab, has different pathways, and fog of war is nice. One annoying thing is that I can't target allies in fog of war, but outside of that it's really nice.
0 FPS. < its taken me since Wednesday morning to write that.

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