PVP worst ever

I am a wow player since WOTLK, i always loved lore and PVP.
If the company assumes that Demon Hunters,Warriors,Mages,Paladins are ok? and pretty balanced, that means it is time to unsub.
Warriors with that trinket are on shooting other plates, and the casters(lol)
Demon hunters in BG jumping on our group solo and they are unstoppable, yes it is their expansion, but do they have to be this OP?
The Paladins have outrageous healing and damage.
I feel like so many classes especially casters are useless, how can a Balance druid, Elem shaman stop a paladin or mage? in World PVP it gets worse.
The stupidity of Fury warriors is outrageous, the idea that they could press buttons without even reading the description and kill you is a pure flaw.
Frost mages? lol blizzard infatuated with that spec since forever, always OP,always Go to spec in every expansion...
Ret Paladins??? i have no words.
Seems like most people do not care about PVP...
Just had half a dozen duels with one Ret paladin, lost all my duels, he only had 3 ilvl more than me...it is just so frustrating when resto affinity heals are less than all of the palas ability damage,Balance druids cannot heal now not even light healing... let us all remember that mobility does not exist, they keep slowing you down... there is no running away from them, no out healing them, no out damaging them , you just get crushed.

To the blizzard employees who balance the classes and specs, i want you to take and elemental shaman and go pvp with a paladin,let me see how you beat them, let us see how hard the shaman has to work to get half of the damage of the pala who is clicking randomly.
You must be new to WoW, because Blizzard + balance never worked
it was

05/04/2017 22:14Posted by Hayleight
You must be new to WoW, because Blizzard + balance never worked
never perfectly balanced yes. for example in WOTLK Paladins, warlocks, shadow priest ,dk were more powerful than others.
But in Legion the difference is staggering...it is a really large gap that should be looked after...
I've been saying this since patch 1.1.0
06/04/2017 20:11Posted by Íîïìíîïìíîïì
I've been saying this since patch 1.1.0
I kinda enjoy pvp these days, with al my absorb items am almost impossible to beat 1 on 1. but i can understand your frustration.

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