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Hey there fellas,
as the title already says I'm looking for a raiding guild thats progressing on mythic nighthold. Im Currently 10/10 HC since ive been lucky enough to get thru nighthold Heroic with pug raids. But raiding with pugs isnt as much fun as clearing a raid with guildies which is why m looking for a guild with a friendly enviroment, discipline to clear the hardest current content available and is also active in between raid nights. Im looking for a 3 Raid-nights-guild

About me
My Name is pascal, I'm 22 years old, live in Germany and I'm studying chemistry in Munster. In my sparetime i like to go to the gym a lot, play guitar, play football (in our local team) and just do stuff with friends. Ive been playing wow since Burning Crusade but had a lot of breaks in between. I didnt really get into "hardcore" raiding until Mists of Pandaria ToT and SoO. Back then I was playing a Combat Rogue. However we managed to clear ToT Heroic and SoO Heroic till Malkorok(Before it got changed from Flex-Normal-Heroic to Normal-Heroic-Mythic). Due to various reasons the Guild split up during the Progress.
One of the reasons why i wanna get back into a progress guild is that feeling you get when you finally, after so many wipes, kill the boss. its the most rewarding feeling in wow.
Right now im on my Springbreak which is why i have a lot of time for wow.
During the semester I will have a lot of studying to do. But I'll still have enough time to get my !@#$ done to be up to date with AK/AP etc.

What you can expect
Im a friendly player who likes to help out whereever i can. Im always trying to be up to date with overall changes such as in Patchnotes but also The progress of my character in general -> Artifact Weapon/Flying/Reputation/Knowledge of Current Boss mechanics. Im Always prepared for Raids with Flasks/Food/Pots etc., Always on time and also interested in giving input on voicecons.

Are you interested?
Just reply here or message me Ingame :)
Hey Pascal,

SALT is recruiting to strengthen our main team as we progress further into mythic Nighthold. and in preparation for ToS.

We're mainly looking for additional DPS, but we also have a tank spot opening.

Check us out: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613782924?page=1

Please add me @ Moon#2851 to discuss further.

still looking

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