How many legendaries you guys @so far? 14/4

Got 2 good DPS ones on this toon out of a total of 5. Not too shabby, I guess.
Yup seems possible lately as soon as the 7.2 launched, they started dropping like crazy in the guild.

I'm on 14 oranges, 13 + crafted.
5 on this character and 1 on My DH.
8 on This DH (Main) 4 on my shaman(Alt-Main) 1 on my mage 1 on my druid and 1 on my warrior :D so 15 in total haha
1 on both toons.

I'm pretty sure the bad luck protection after 1 is a bogus.
3 mage
2 druid
1 DH
0 Monk
0 Rogue
Just the two for me, Prydaz and Disc gloves.
9, 55 days gameplay. The rate of Legendaries is pretty consistant right now. If you clear every heroic, normal, LFR and Mythic 0, every 2 - 2 1/2 weeks, you will get a Legendary.
All 10 on my WW monk (all the ww monk legendaries) and one on my alt rogue lol
4 on DK >3 for dps 1 for tank
2 on DH > both dps
2 on Mage > both dps (obviously)
2 on pala >both healing
Gloves and boots on my protection warrior.
8 on this guy and still no boots, so much fun....
My hunter just got its 2nd legendary... Prydaz...

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