PTR Development Notes - Build 23993

7.2.5 PTR Feedback
Work on Patch 7.2.5 is continuing to progress, and this week’s PTR update reflects that. You’ll see several updates and additions to patch features (including some we haven’t enabled for testing yet), another round of class changes, and a new event enabled for testing: the Moonkin Festival. Head to the Moonglade if you’d like to check it out.

Later this week, we’ll be opening up the first wing of Tomb of Sargeras on Raid Finder difficulty for testing. We currently plan to switch it on at around 4 PM Pacific time on Friday (1 AM CEST on Saturday), and it’ll remain open throughout the weekend. We’ll open a thread for feedback once it’s available.

Next week, we’re planning to open up Black Temple Timewalking for testing again, and hope to be ready to begin testing the Chromie quest line as well. Thanks for all of your feedback so far, and happy testing!
That new lvl 100 talent fgor Enhance is pointless. Boulderfist is already GCD capped, so why make a talent that will let us sit on stacks?

Please fix it. The AOE is still very very bad and nothing is done about this. In fact the nerf to tempest is a big aoe dps nerf (that anyways barely existed).

Ascendance looks like the one nice change. Finally it is in the state it should have been all the time.

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