[A] Ronin, Heroic Guild recruiting! (10/10 HC NH)

Who are we?

Ronin as a guild has been around since vanilla, at the end of WoD it became clear that our original server, Ragnaros, was no longer a suitable environment for an Alliance raiding guild so we moved here, to Ravencrest.
During Mists of Pandaria the guild went largely on hiatus, but since WoD now we've been back, and we've been a sturdy raiding guild since a month or so before BRF came out.
We have a solid core of players but we need to expand our roster to reach the more suitable group sizes with greater frequency.

As a guild we've been through it all, we've raided for 4 hours a night 4 times a week plus an additional day time raid on a Sunday, with alt runs in between!
Now as most of us are older, we no longer want to push for the very bleeding edge as we no longer wish for WoW to dominate our lives.
What this does not mean is that we are "casual" in our approach to raiding. We would expect anyone to turn up with flasks, food and potions, and the best gems and enchants for their spec. We would expect Stones to be available for use on progression content when called for by the raid leaders.

What these things mean though is that we can clear content at our level at a reasonable pace without raiding having to dominate your life inside or outside of WoW.
We don't want to burn through content so fast that it gets boring, or so slow that it feels like we're not moving forward. Due to only raiding twice a week, we do not really want to deal with the politics of Mythic, as we feel getting benched for potentially 50% of a raiding week would be unfair, though with that said we wouldn't necessarily shy away from it if the circumstance presented itself.

We raid twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-23:00. We have found that this is more than enough time to clear up to heroic content while it remains current. Since resurrecting the guild, we have always achieved Ahead of the Curve. Our view is that progress, fun, and a relaxed environment don't have to be mutually exclusive to each other.

Ronin has a strong social aspect with an active discord server acting as our central hub. There are often people looking to form up for invasions, do world quests together or push through a few mythic+ dungeons. Even though we're an international guild, I like to think that everyone in Ronin considers anyone else in Ronin their friend.

Loot is masterlooted out and goes by EPGP. Tier is prioritized to completion of bonuses.

So, if this sounds good to you then please consider applying!
We are currently looking for
1 healer
1 RDPS (ideally a Warlock)

These classes or specs above are in particular interest to balance out our roster, though anyone is welcome to apply and would be given fair consideration.
Any applicants should be able to provide good attendance and as said above, be able to turn up with full enchants, gems and all necessary consumables.
Item level is not an absolute priority, but given the recently introduced catch up mechanics, any applicants should at least be able to demonstrate that they are attempting to obtain gear via other means if 880 or lower.

Anyone interested please either add -
or leave a post with your details here and we can talk.

Thanks for reading!
big bump, we're now recruiting for Antorus! Mostly just looking to bulk up the ol roster a little bit but with a swing for Feral Druids and Ranged DPS in particular.

Gimme a message! Incurus#2478
I added you on B.net @ Incurus

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