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So I just decided to train my very first pet to 25. I talked to an orc in ogri to get startend and now Im on a Quest chain to duel various npcs in the barrens, ashenvale, stonetalon etc...

My questions:

1. Am I doing it right..?

2. If not, any tips you could give me?

3. Im certain ive complete soms pet charm missions in the past but dont seem to Find where they are. Could it be that i didnt get them because i hadnt started pet training yet?

Welcome to pet battling!

Yes, you are doing it right.

I can lay out the basic stages of development as:

1. Get a pet to 25.

The basic method is to have pets that you battle around the zones, taming good-looking recruits as new pets, and defeating the Tamers in order. As Horde, you should follow Taming Kalimdor to start - then Taming Outland, Taming Northrend, Taming Cataclysm, Taming Pandaria. Each tamer gives you a quest to the next, I think.

As you do that, you will naturally level your original pets and the ones you tamed along the way.

You will learn about families, and what is strong against what.

There are short-cuts.

If you have a level 100, you can buy your first 25 by getting your Draenor Garrison to Level 3. Then a quest pops up that rewards you an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, that levels one pet to 25 instantly. However, you will not, of course, learn anything at all from that.

Without that stone, this video shows the fastest method for getting one level 25 pet

Basically, pick up a couple of level 4-6 crabs.

Fly off to Badlands where you can use them to beat level 14 critters.

When you have captured a couple of level 14-16 crabs in Swamp of Sorrows, fly to Valley, where you can beat the Critters and capture a 23.

Now go to the Briny Muck and serve your inevitable hour or two looking for the Blue P/P Emperor Crab you'll have to catch anyway someday (so you might as well get some XP out of the search).

2. Get a full team of 3 to 25. (Quickly followed by a half-dozen more.)

Beating the high-level tamers requires a decent team. You will need to choose your first pets well, to be able to beat the battles you face. has strategies for all major tamers and quests.

Xu-Fu, aka Aranesh, who keeps the most comprehensive and up to date strats on, kindly makes available the list of pets used for the preferred strat in each range of battles, and how many times each pet is used.

I pasted all of these lists except one into a spreadsheet and added them up. I excluded the Family Familiar achievement, since that takes us to some strange places, and adds a lot of one-off pets to the list. What we should have here is a general sense of the usefulness of each pet to the beginning battler facing tamers and World Quests. The total number of uses of the pet is on the left.

17 Chrominius
13 Anubisath Idol
13 Teroclaw Hatchling
12 Iron Starlette
10 Ikky
10 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
8 Clockwork Gnome
8 Nexus Whelpling
8 Unborn Val'kyr
8 Zandalari Anklerender (P/P or P/B breed preferred)
7 Darkmoon Tonk
7 Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P breed)
6 Darkmoon Zeppelin
6 Emperor Crab (P/P breed)
5 Any Moth
5 Any Snail

It goes on, at
but that's enough for your purpose.

These are all well-used pets that will serve you well.

You might take special pleasure in doing the Raiding With Leashes achievements to go back and solo old raids, to get the pets that drop from them. You can buy them at the Auction House, but the other way is more fun and more satisfying. :)

3. Open up the Pandaria Tamers and the Safari Hat for daily farming.

Pandaria and Draenor Tamers each reward HUGE XP once per day. Once you have defeated all Pandaria Tamers you can challenge them all daily. Draenor Tamers are easier; you can challenge them any time. Amelia is especially easy.

With the right team, you can beat a tamer with two level 25s, and bring in one low-level pet for one round. That low-level pet then scoops the XP jackpot, and gets enormous XP from the tamer battle. A level 1 will get to level 11 in one battle. A level 11 to level 16 in another.

4. Farm the Pandaria and Draenor tamers to level more pets.

This is the stage when you spend your time rehearsing all the battles again and again .. and again ... and again .... :P

You will also be collecting more pets from the wild, from old raids, and from the Auction House. :P

5. Continue with the Pandaria Spirit Tamers and the Legion World Quests.

6. Do the Celestial Tournament and Family Familiar.

The following addons are near-mandatory:
Rematch (organises pets and saves your teams)
BattlePetBreedID (shows the breed of each pet)

I highly recommend
Pet Tracker
Derangement's Battle Pet Cooldowns
as well.

Any Pet Charms you won from missions should be in your bag somewhere. Unless you mailed them to an alt? They're BoA, so you can do that.
Thank you for the info!! That helped alot :)
There are a couple of decent power levelling guides on Wowhead, which I've used to reasonable effect:

The second one is a guide to completing the quest achievement 'An Awfully Big Adventure', by beating almost every pre-Legion pet tamer with an Elekk Plushie on your team. Since the Plushie is dead weight, this guide also works very effectively for a team with a 'carry pet' that's only there to gain XP from being in one round. Keep an eye out for HP recommendations though, because some fights deal damage to backline pets and you don't want your leveller getting killed by pesky AOEs.

I also highly recommend Pet Tracker, and I'd like to add that it does identify the pet breed - it gives them flavour names like 'Guardian' or 'Ninja' but if you mouse over those names it also reveals where the stats have been allocated, so you get the hard P/P data too, without needing an extra addon just for that. I haven't tried Rematch, but team saving is the most frustrating damn thing about pets, so I expect that addon to be a godsend.

Final tips: befriend an engineer and a tailor, and git gud at archaeology. There are some neat pets buried in each of these professions, and the Elekk Plushie is both adorable and good practice for levelling with two pets.
Good advice.

Id add that you should just buy an Elekk Plushie in the AH tho. Otherwise you'll be in Drenor for a while collecting mats...

And the Plushie challenge is kinda an end game challenge. All serious pet battlers probably have it, but I doubt the casual's have the inventory for it.

You are yet to build up a large inventory of pets and that alone is fun - and very time consuming.

When I started I went for the Tamer title early on and the other achievements just started to drop as a consequence of that.

The Crazy Cat Lady one will cost a fair amount of gold tho... or you could ask nicely and we could let you loan some. They only need to be in your inventory for a second or 2 before recaging and handing it back.
The thing with the Plushie challenge is that the strategies work well for power levelling pets, once you have a few key 25s like the Anubisath Idol, Emerald Proto-Whelp, Iron Starlette and Teroclaw Hatchling under your belt. Plus, y'know, practice for the Adventure run never hurt anyone. ^^

Also, I've started using Rematch and DEAR TITANS WHO MADE AZEROTH AND ALL THE LITTLE FURRY CRITTERS, I second that it's a must, even if all you ever use it for is team admin.
26/04/2017 12:55Posted by Nivienne
Also, I've started using Rematch and DEAR TITANS WHO MADE AZEROTH AND ALL THE LITTLE FURRY CRITTERS, I second that it's a must, even if all you ever use it for is team admin.

LOL nice to see someone new discover the wonder!
Pet Battles, both additive and very annoying................................IMO
26/04/2017 12:55Posted by Nivienne

Also, I've started using Rematch and DEAR TITANS WHO MADE AZEROTH AND ALL THE LITTLE FURRY CRITTERS, I second that it's a must, even if all you ever use it for is team admin.

the most important thing in this thread to be honest.
i have no idea how i survived pet battling without rematch before.

that said. You dont need to worry about rematch until later when you're starting to farm the champion trainers / celestial tournament / pet battle dungeons etc etc.
Update to my original post.
I didn't think of this, from Hazelnuttygames on YouTube on how to get your first pet to 25:
1. Enchant your shoulders with Boon of the Zookeeper
2. Go about your day in Legion content
3. Open your Zookeeper bags
4. Use your Pet Charms to buy a purple insta-boost level 25 stone

(The forum doesn't allow me to edit my previous post /rolleyes)

Very late Note: as of 8.0, this Legion method no longer works, since you can no longer buy stones with the renamed "Shiny" Charms.

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