If you can use 1 skill of your class

Invisibility so that I can peek under ladies skirts.
Mind Control for... science
Teleport, cause if i had portal everyone would force me to use it.
Cleanse Toxins.

Instantly cure any poison or disease? You'd be the richest doctor alive.
Don't know why the perverts are being downvoted so much. While we all like to proclaim ourselves above all that, with every new ability being perverted is nearly always among the first things done.

Look at this charcoal stick. Look I drew an antelope, it works. Now let's draw some boobies.

Look at this camera. Look I photographed a flower it works. Now let's photo some boobies.

Look at the internet. Look I sent an email, it works. Now let's see some boobies.

It's probably sad but true that should someone get such powers there's a very high chance one of the first things they'd do is use it to look st boobies.

If I had invisibility I'd use it to sneak into a convent. See if the nun thing is true. (I suspect they'd be just old and wrinkly but I've watched 70s films and maintain the dream).
flight form
If I would have to pick, I would probably go with Stealth.

Seeing as I am in a pretty strict enviroment during the weekdays, and where every step is somewhat monitored, a bit of Stealth could help me get by on the rough times.

Also it would help me smuggle food through customs (Yes, I actually need to smuggle whatever I bought from the store across this madly strict enviroment)
.....Summon Succubus
self explanatory
im not a mage, but it would be fun to port my friends to dalaran crater. im not harming them. gravity is
30/04/2017 10:59Posted by Korrina
30/04/2017 10:30Posted by Kustadin
Feign death.
Even more at work.
The next day would be really awkward, specially if you did it often xD

Tame beast, I would be the next Cesar Millan, but of every animal :D

Just don't tame those venomous animals since you have to stand there and take their bites for a small cast duration.

I'd probably go with reincarnation in case something might happen.
Since my main is a druid I would want to be able to be a tree, so I could punch greenpeace in the face. Then I'd go to every leader in the world, and punch them in the face as well.

I'd probably get chopped down and burned up before that happens but basically I just want to punch those idiots in the face for ruining the world. Fun thing is greenpeace can't do a thing, though, cause I'm a tree :).

Also, if you have dandruff as a tree everyone just calls it autumn.
Me come "hunter".

I don't go kill animals, only tame/pet them. (Since I'm animal lover)
But, skill ranger.
prowl or flightform, I'm oke with any of them
Glide for me too.
Flight form

I mean... I COULD harm people with it but since you don't ingame it counts right?
Control demon, should work just fine on my GF.
Mage Teleport


Can i take Might of Dalaran from my order hall i would use it so i would never have to work ever again. Just target the work place and zoom. Every day is just a endless vacation.
Conjure Refreshment, free food for life would be hella nice.

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