<Hollow> 4/10M Recruiting for Mythic Progression

Twisting Nether
Who we are:
<Hollow> is a semi-hardcore guild created by a group of friends, experienced players, that raided HC together in WOTLK. We reunited and transferred to the same realm to create a guild, or more accurately, a home. We keep a very friendly environment in and out of raids, often joining discord to chat even if we aren't doing anything. Guild activities include, but are not limited to, mythic dungeons, mythic + and raiding.

Our goals:
Our current progress is 4/10M & 10/10HC NH (4/7M EN, 3/3HC ToV).
Our main goal is to form a reliable core group & continue mythic progression in preparation for ToS.

What we are looking for:
Recruitment is open. Every class and spec will be considered. We give priority to skill and to specific classes:

Rogue (Assassination)
Mage (Arcane)
*Any RDPS with healing OS (Ele Shaman / Boomkin / Shadow Priest)

We also welcome social players as it can help our guild expand even further in other aspects of the game.

What we are looking for in recruits:
* Passion, enthusiasm & willingness for starters.
* Dedication and loyalty.
* Knowledge of tactics and your class - also awareness in the raid.
* Possibility to communicate.
* Teamwork!

What we can offer:
Dedicated and focused progression raiding with set goals. Answers and help for anything wow related (classes, raids, etc...).

Our current raiding schedule is 3 raids a week for 3 hours:
* Wednesday 8pm to 11pm server time - NH Heroic
* Thursday 8pm to 11pm server time - NH Mythic
* Sunday 8pm to 11pm server time - NH Mythic

We also add random additional raids from previous patches.

Loot system:
RC Loot Council
*Note: Trial period is 2 weeks based on raid performance & participation in guild activities such as mythic+ etc..

Our wowprogress page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/twisting-nether/Hollow

Thank you for taking your time to read through this post. If you have any further questions or if you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact me in game.
Jaidex-Twisting Nether or Jaidex#2832
Updated progress - we are now 3/10M NH.
Still looking for a Boomkin, Death Knight, Shadow Priest & Warrior.
Still looking for some dedicated raiders to join our core. Also looking for a tank & some mdps.
Updated progress - still looking for a couple more players to join our core.
Updated raiding schedule & classes we are in need of :)

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