[H] <Saves The Day> - The Maelstrom is Recruiting!

Twisting Nether
[H] <Saves The Day> - The Maelstrom 7/7M 2/3M 4/10M
Saves the day is one of the oldest guilds on the Maelstrom, has been around since Vanilla and been raiding together since then too.

We are looking to hit content hard and looking for active members to join us in that content. Raiding days will be 8pm-11pm GMT (English time) on the following days


Currently we have a few class slot we have open but also could fit more active raiders into the team

We are currently looking for All dps classes

All classes are welcome however raid balance will be reviewed.

Add me via battlenet htidredneck#1908 for further details

- Fink
5/10M now Bump

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