[A] Epiphany - Casual Raiding/Social

Emerald Dream / Terenas
Looking for dps classes, preferably with healing offspec - for dungeons and mythics :)
Progress update :) 2/8 on HC after first week!

I am one of those vanilla players but now have a fiancée and a child and a job.

Currently in a guild just for the exp but haven't spoke a word to them yet.

I am looking for a social guild and to help with dungeons and mythic's and maybe some light raids.

I only play tank.

Hi Dreadless - sorry for the late reply - whisper either Vainzki or any of the officers online for an invite :)

Dris xx
Progress update: 8/8 on NM now.

Also recruitment open for warlock!
Progress update 3/8 on HC :)
Progress update: 4/8 HC!
Progress again, now 5/8 on HC! Still open spots for people who can raid on fridays and sundays on heroic! DPS with healing OS preferred, but do whisper regardless if interested!
Progress update, 6/8 on HC!
Hi there. If you're accepting of social/casual players still I'd be very interested in saying hello :)

A bit about me, I've been playing mage since vanilla. I was a hardcore raider from MC through to ICC in Wrath but hung up those boots and just potter around the outside world and the AH nowadays. Looking to rejoin alliance with a nice sociable guild :)

Have all the boring adulting to deal with so not after anything heavy personally :)

Guillin#2592 is my btag
Hi Guillin, do give me a whisper in game. Feel free to add me vainzki#2950

Also: Progress update! 7/8 on HC!
Now 8/8 heroic :)
Im an enhancement shaman with resto OS and im looking for a social guild that
does some raiding, dungeons etc.
Ive got kids and a boring work where I work afternoons every other week.
Hi Stormpick :) - should be online after dinner - will give you a shout then :)
Hi. Working afternoons this week so I wont really play until the weekend!

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