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OI – You there!! WE WANT YOU INSIDE US!!!

Connect Gaming is a clan spanning back 10 years. We are finely aged like a good whiskey.. yeah no, not really. We are an odd bunch of old farts who like video games.

We are searching for like-minded people to enjoy the full content of Warcraft. We are a bit older and with that age comes a certain mindset when it comes to the game, and that is something we value. We want to build something lasting here, a community of people who value each other more so than the games we play.

If you want to build a community with us, you are cordially welcome to join us. Currently we have no plans on raiding, but that could change in the future. Right now we are prioritizing the search for like minded people to build a good foundation with.

We maintain a Discord server for the clan and we often sit in the voice channel while playing. Fair warning, we are a silly bunch and simply cannot take ourselves too seriously so discretion advised.

Help us build something special.

Yours, Chris.


Since this post was made we have slowly but surely grown as a guild. We have gotten some great people to join.

We are now at the point where we want to start to raid very casually.
Everybody is heartily welcome to join us in our adventure. We are looking for new and old members to join our journey. Maybe you are an old timer in the game who wants to get back to raiding or perhaps a fresh player who wants to try out raiding - all are welcome.

We will maintain and reflect the same laid back and friendly attitude in the guild when it comes to raiding, so come as you are.

- Chris
We are slowly getting a core group of mythic(+) dungeouneers together.
Even more players to join the awesomeness would be.... uuummm.... awesome.
Hi. what is the age restriction to be a old fart. I'm looking for a home to have fun! i'm not a try hard but love to do some pvp dungeon other stuf..

Greetings optonic
We don't have a set restriction in place, what is more important is to have a relaxed attitude. If you feel like that fits you, then you are welcome to join.

I will contact you in game wednesday or the day after
I'm sure i was in Connect Gaming during MoP expansion. I took a short break that ended up being the entire WoD expansion lol!. That resulted in my logging in 5-6 weeks into Legion guildless, understandably!.. I remember a good bunch of fellas :)

Good guys these.. I might be tempted to rejoin .. :)
You would be more than welcome Tekeo!

You can hit me up anytime Tekeo.
You are more than welcome back.

We currently have a few active players and do dungeons, both mythic and mythic+, on a daily basis with a full guild group.
I've recently started streaming, but unfortunately I am on a dead server. I would be willing to level a new character from scratch if it meant being part of a friendly and active guild. I mainly do PvP but am up for whatever. My maing characters are Warrior and Shaman, but will happily do whatever the guild needs, and am happy to learn classes I don't know. I am odd, and old fashioned, and am frequently heard to be saying 'bloody kids these days', which I believe qualifies me as an old fart :p
Sounds like you have what it takes to join us Kronas :D
When will someone be online in game for me to speak to? I play most evenings, normally on by 8/9 pm weekdays (work and child permitting) and weekends, if that's any help?
There are usually people online during evenings.
You can talk to me or Degas if you wish, or simply whisper anybody in the guild and they will direct you further. :)
Ok, thank you :)
awesome guild ! loving it, and the people.
We will start to raid. Join us in the madness.
Currently we are looking for 4 DPS to get our raid team off the ground.

Come and join the fun!
Still looking for people to join our raid roster.

We need 2 ranged and 2 melee to get started.

We have a solid group of core players all ready and eager to start raiding Tomb of Sargeras!

Contact Degas, Absum, Wtfcrit or Myself if you'd like to join!
Feeling right at home here, thanks all! :D
What would your event times be? For me I could only stretch to 22:30st, I could also just stay as a social if all else fails.
Raid times will be Wednesday and Friday, time will be 8-11pm.
This is what we are looking at right now.

Days and times are not set in stone, we want to accommodate as many as possible.

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