[A] Peculiar - LFM for our Raid Team

Blade's Edge / Eonar / Vek'nilash
Heya guys,

-We are Casual and Fun cross-realm raiding community
-We play for Alliance
-We raid Wed/Sun/Mon from 20:00-23:00 Server Time
-Now we just do 2 days, but go back to 3 days for Tomb of Sargeras
-Most of players are 25+ yo
-Our progress: We cleared EN / ToV / Nighthold Normal and Heroic
-No strings Attached, you can join our raid and decide if you like it or not, we do require you for progress to bring Food/Flasks/Pots. Full Gems and Enchants.
-You can Join Our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/vWZYcdu

-We have a Place for 1 Tank 1 Helear and few Melee DPS

Have Fun Guys,
We going to Nighthold HC today at 20:00 Server Time

If you want to join, you have to be 890 ilvl at least.

Have Fun!
Going Nighthold HC fresh full run today at 20:00 server time.

Join our Discord if you would like to Come https://discord.gg/vWZYcdu

Make sure ilvl 890+
We going tonight for Nighthold HC again, full clear.

We still need for Tomb of Sargeras:

-1 healer - Paladin / Shaman / Priest
- some Melee DPS

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/vWZYcdu if you have any questions,

Have Fun
same thing tonight,

read my post above ^_^
Check out our Fun Video ^_^


Next Raid is on Sunday, Nighthold Normal and ToV HC
Going in 30 min full HC clear, need DPS

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/vWZYcdu if you have any questions

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