[H] Fam - 7/7 3/3 10/10M. LF Warlock & Havoc DH

Twilight's Hammer / Agamaggan et al.
Currently in need of a skilled, motivated Warlock and Havoc DH. All applications welcome if you believe you can improve on the performance of our current roster.

Fam finished Nighthold with a world rank of around 620 and the best progressed 3 day raiding guild on the server. We plan on improving this rank significantly in ToS so if you think you can bring the dedication and ability that will help us do that we'd like to hear from you!

Raid Days:

Weds: 1900-2300
Thurs: 2000-2300
Sun: 2000-2300


What we aim for
Fam started as a handful of long-time raiders and friends who have been raiding on and off since vanilla at both the most hardcore and casual of levels. Were now aiming to be somewhere in-between where we can progress efficiently but raid on a more casual 3 day a week schedule.

Who are we looking for?
*All classes/roles will be considered at the moment but with preference to DPS!*

Any logs/videos/stream of your performance would be advantageous.

Performance: The way we have progressed as a guild that only started this expansion is by focusing on player performance. To succeed and be a part of Fam you will need to perform well and this can be evidenced by high parses on warcraftlogs and using the vast array of resources around to always improve and keep to update with your character/s. We dont give raid spots based on who someone is, so if you're an active member of the guild and perform well mechanically and in terms of numbers you'll get a spot. Simple as that.

Our officers and even raiders are always analysing their own and others' performance to make sure we get the best out of our raids.

Attendance: We need our raiders to show up for the majority of raids, particularly during progress. We realise that real-life takes priority but if you have commitments that would stop you raiding 3 times a week consistently you'll probably not last long.

Socialization: We're on Discord for the majority of the day throughout the week and we expect everyone to fit in socially, this is something we put heavy emphasis on. On top of that you'll need to be thick skinned and understand that banter in Fam will quite often cross alot of lines for some people. We've known eachother along time so not much is off limits and 99% of the new members we now have learn its (usually) a sign of you being accepted as part of the guild.

Communication: Communication is key in multiple aspects of this game, and therefore you will need to be comfortable talking during and outside of raid encounters and theory-crafting with fellow classes/roles. This also applies to any issues you may be having within the guild or IRL. Or if you cant make a raid/need to leave early etc. As long as we know whats going on we can help solve any issues.

What we offer
- Experienced guild management and raid leading
- A focused but banterous atmosphere in and outside of raids
- A raid spot and the chance to experience all future mythic raids (once accepted)
- The chance to be involved in all other content outside of raids and even WoW
- A focused core of raiders, some of which who have played their class/role for many expansions and currently parse among the top of the realm on warcraftlogs


If you believe you would be an improvement to the guild, we would like to hear from you. Your class and preferred specialization isn't the #1 thing that matters when applying, we're looking for the player behind the character.

Please get in touch with a member ingame if you are interested or contact Morgs on battle net (Morgs#21837)
Bump. Guldan progress started well. As the title suggests, especially interested in a rogue with mythic raiding experience that can step straight into Guldan and be a part of the core team for ToS!
Last 2/3 DPS spots to augment our roster before ToS releases!

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