[H} <Tilt Squad> - 9/10M NH Recruiting!

Twisting Nether
Hello all!

<Tilt Squad> are an international guild who reside on Twisting Nether.

We raid three days a week with a total of 9 hours. Our raiding days are as follows;

- Wednesday 20.00-23.00
- Thursday 20.00-23.00
- Sunday 20.00-23.00

*note: Invites start 15 mins prior to raid start*

Recruitment is now OPEN.

We are currently in need of a HEALER, preferably a Resto Druid or a Holy Paladin. We are also interested in all DPS, ranged or melee. (it's a surprise, i know!)

If your class/spec is not mentioned in the recruitment section above, you may still apply if you think you have what it takes.

For any further information, feel free to add me;

DK tank with 910 ilvl , OS Frost with 905 Ilvl
Exp( Mythic EN , 2/3M , 4/10 NH Mythic )
can play 7/7 week
Highly capable of learning and listening
Highly respecting order , raid timers & penalties
Highly loving socials
For more info
Battle net : Ellord#2240

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