[H} <Tilt Squad> - 6/9M Recruiting!

Twisting Nether
Hello all!

<Tilt Squad> are an international guild who reside on Twisting Nether.

We raid three days a week with a total of 9 hours. Our raiding days are as follows;

- Wednesday 20.00-23.00
- Thursday 20.00-23.00
- Sunday 20.00-23.00

*note: Invites start 15 mins prior to raid start*

Recruitment is now OPEN.

We are currently in need of DPS, both ranged and melee of any class! We are also willing to try out any healers that come our way.

For any further information, feel free to add me;


We look forward to hearing from you!
DK tank with 910 ilvl , OS Frost with 905 Ilvl
Exp( Mythic EN , 2/3M , 4/10 NH Mythic )
can play 7/7 week
Highly capable of learning and listening
Highly respecting order , raid timers & penalties
Highly loving socials
For more info
Battle net : Ellord#2240

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