Like the Wind Flying "Bug"

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Hey, I am not sure if you guys alrdy know it, but when you do the KT quests, "Like the wind" you can complete them while on your flying mount.

This isnt supposed to be "working as intended" is it?
Hey Dawnwalkér,

Finally I will be able to complete one of those :-D

In all seriousness, yes that doesn't seem to be intended, please report it in-game!

Take care.

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Hey Kray, I still havent figured out how to "fix" the problem with the Error 132, i get each time I try to make an ingame ticket. did the Xbox stuff, and the other things, your website recommended, but to no avail :-/

Edit. So I cant make an ingame ticket, sorry.
Dawnwalkér, as I mentioned in another thread (can't find it now), you don't make a ticket to report a bug. Do you mean it crashes when you enter the whole help window or also when you click the report a bug option? It's pretty odd if that is the case because it doesn't use the same system as the ticket one. I've seen people whose game was crashing on accessing the support section because of something (like their antivirus) blocking the built-in browser the game has, but the bug report tool shouldn't be tied to that.
Hey Dawnwalkér,

Sorry to hear about that.

What I'd like you to do is try to re-create this error. Open up WoW, try to submit a ticket, and if you get this error again, then create your MsInfo file. After that contact the tech support via the website.

The reason for this is that we will need to scan through your MsInfo file to see what exactly is causing this error.

Take care!

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Ill give it a go ;-)


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