character free migration cause of imbalance

Twilight's Hammer / Agamaggan et al.
hello..i have an issue with the imbalance of forces in the merged realms that twilight's hammer is connected to..i want to play with my chars on the realm and i am constantly been ganged or bullied, as i see it, whenever i go out in the broken isles..horde players know of the imbalance and gather together to kill poor alliance that come on their way causing me not to enjoy the game for the reason i bought it and keep paying for..because i play before the merge occured, there wasn't that bad when i created my chars in that realm and because of the merge i think that i deserve to be given the opportunity to free migrate my chars of that realm, because it is not my fault for that imbalance, and take them to another or to silvermoon realm that my main characters are..

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