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Argent Dawn
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Guild: <The Bloodied Swords>
Faction: The Grand Alliance
Type: A chivalric order under the League of Arathor
The Fel Hunt

Type: Demon Hunter guild
Faction: Horde (Neutral ICly)
Guildmaster: Xyrelen
Forum post:
Multi-racial guild
Faction: Alliance
House of Darklaw - Alteraci House
Guild: <Freeroamers>
Faction: Horde, multi-racial
Type: Nomadic/adventurous
All added.
Guild: House Rosestrider
Faction: Horde, Blood elf guild.
Guildmaster: Rosestrider
Forum post:
Type: Noble Sin'dorei guild, Military & Trading.
Guild: <Hand of Theron>
Faction: Horde, multi-racial
Type: Military/ Non-Military /Nomadic/adventurous/ Social+RP
Guild: Division Twenty-Three
Type: Blood Knight centric, Military / Special Operations Forces
Guildmaster: Garathil
Faction: Horde, Blood elves
Website: /
Following above I'm adding Gearfist IBS new site, since the one with Nimsil is old.

Guild: Gearfist IBS
Faction: Horde, Goblin Only
Guildmaster: Kilgun
Type: Traders, Social
Forum Site:
Guild: The Spirit Wolves
Faction: Horde, Tauren only
Type: Tauren tribe, nomadic
Forum post:
Guild: The Sunward
Type: Blood elven spin on the Wardens
Guildmaster/officers: Lorathas and Nazdarim
Faction: Horde, Blood elves
Added again.
Guild: The Violet Eye
Type: Kirin Tor roleplay, recruits non-magi.
Guildmaster/officers: Darianuth, Fordred/Hypatia.
Faction: Alliance (Neutral, can technically recruit Horde races)
Guild: Gryphonwing Archive
Type: Warehose13/Durmand Priory-like exploration and research guild
Guildmaster: Caedlynn
Faction: Alliance; multi-racial
Forum post:
Guild: The Westfall Weasels
Faction: Alliance
Guildmaster: Gryph
Forum post:
Type: Criminal RP
Guild: Thori'Belore
Type: Spec-ops/Military/Intelligence - Sunfury (Old Mindset)
Guildmasters: Novafire; Illethiann; Reiann.
Faction: Horde (Sin'dorei Only)

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Multi-racial - neutral (on Alliance side oocly however)

If you could add my guild to the list i'd greatly appreciate it thank you! :D We are in the multi-racial neutral slot! ^_^

Name: The Gnarled Branch
Wow forum page:

Many thanks and i tip my metaphorical leafy hat to you for taking up the responsibility of keeping it fresh and updated! :D Your doing a grand job, keep it up! ^_^

Stay leafy! :D

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