Divine Storm Animation Problem! Please Fix it!

Please read and support!
After taking Divine Tempest Artifact trait, the Divine Storm animation is changed to a odd one without hammers spinning remaining only a small storm of holy winds.
Can we have it back the original one? I mean there is no term of comparing those two. Please check this and fix it.
Best Regards!
not very likely. anything fun, good or spells\effects that identify our class are have been taken out one by one. we're very close to being left with the "new" dumb looking auto attack animation(at least for humans)..
we're close to looking like softball batters and golfers with no animation or effects that resembles a HOLY warrior(paladin)

before someone goes like: "but you pull a glowing horse out your !@#" or "but prot throws magic shields" that's blizzard trying to make us into crusaders, not reinforcing our dying paladin identity..
They should really do something about our regular attack and special attack though (CS, TV)
12/05/2017 08:33Posted by Luther
They should really do something about our regular attack and special attack though (CS, TV)

indeed. even the old vanilla animations were ALOT better
I'm actually quite happy about the paladin animations mostly. I really hate the "devine hammer" animations that has those hammers spin constantly around you in combat. I cant stand it. Luckily I dont have to choose that talent and I have chosen Blade of Wrath instead. And the animation of that "upward sword attack" blade of justice? is one of the best one in the game imo. Its shows the paladin theme and what its all about..raising your sword up high and delivering dmg to the infidels!! It looks sick!

PS: As you can see my Pala is a BE and the combat animations might be better with that race then its on humans..i dunno.
I honestly like the animation a lot more like this. Looks more stormy, like the old one.

The spinning hammers were weird as hell.
I just want the old Divine Storm animation back please Blizzard make a glyph.

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