Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU

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The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.
6/10 . blue and purple mix

Looks hordish enough
The tabard ruined it, 6/10.
Amazing vibe in the set with perfect matching colours, only think the ''theme'' off the leggings/boots is off from the rest so a small -1 for that. 9/10!

Just dinged 110 a day ago so still working on a new transmog, bit boring 1 for now.
5/10 now ,for as you mentioned
9/10. Very good setup, only because of the sword it is 9 not 10.
9/10 Colors match, armor looks deadly! and those weapons are not easy to get.

Nice set and good weapons. Lose a point or two for full set.
8/10 IF you wanted the barbarian warrior look.
Love the mace not sure about the helm 8/10
8/10 , i like the theme of a gladiator and looks pretty good but thouse pants ... is just feel off for me ... sync other pants more close to the chains and iron and you have a 10/10 :X also GJ with theat wearpon drop from Amode :X

Naked knees.
Hm, as a warrior, i am giving it 2/10.
as a miner, i am giving you 10/10
Looks to me like some kind of grunt mog, fits on orc well. Dont like the helm. 9/10
Not a fan of slutmogs sorry

Ugh Tabard absolutly ruines everything, the color doesn't match and makes the gloves and belt very off. The weapon is good.
7 / 10
chest totally off ?
I'd lose the tabard and get a bit bigger axes to compensate for the top heavy set. Otherwise good to go! 7/10.
looks good, too common..

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