'Cynical' 5/11M Rebuilding LF Tank/Ranged

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EDIT FROM 14/2/18: We have stopped mythic progression 'for now' and are recruiting socials for casual heroic clears and normal alt runs. We also intend to do a lot more pvp, m+, achievements and all that good stuff. I won't go on and on as to why we have stopped raiding mythic but if you want more information add me on bnet or just /w me in-game.

What you can expect from us:
- An active discord server.
- Multiple events happening throughout the week, with scheduled heroic clears and normal clears being the most prominent. RBGs and M+ will also fall under this category.
- A community that is active, playing games other than WoW aswell.
- High preforming raiders, as much as we will be going back to a more casual scene this doesnt mean we will be boosting people who don't have the skill/dedication to do appropriate content
- Solid gameplay, and a push to progress.
- Last but not least, no drama.

What we expect from you:
- Reliability, as much as we a lot more relaxed for now, if you accept a raid or say you are joining we will hold you to that, there is nothing more annoying than someone not turning up.
- Preparation (Class knowledge, fight knowledge, consumables)
- A friendly and committed attitude towards raiding.
- A working, decent microphone.

The plan for Battle for Azeroth: We will go back to a hardcore 3-4 night raiding guild. This will include split runs and no messing around.

See the most recent comment on this thread for what we currently recruiting, all exceptional players will be considered.

That's as much as i'll put here, if you want more information contact me with my battletag (Tymoa#2145) or join our discord server. https://discord.gg/7ZJHZ4N
Speak to you soon!
Recruiting Hpala/Priests and all dps classes!
Still looking for few healers and all dps classes
Need ranged dps boys
Still need those last couple of dps and a healer (no rdruid)
if your sat on a 10man roster contact me in game mayb we can make something happen for ya
Recruiting hunters and healers (no druid)
Need healers and ranged dps
Recruitment priority:
HIGH - Shadow/Hunter/Rogue
MEDIUM - Ret/DK(dps) /// One healer (priest/shaman/paladin)
LOW - All other dps classes (no leather at all)
Update - Currently 5/9N after one night, onto heroic on sunday!
When do you raid?
Recruiting: Plate dps, hunters, rogues, shadow
Update: Recruiting plate dps, hunters, rogues, shadow,
One healer (shaman)
Hunters,rogue,mage pls
Need all dps classes

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