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Looking for Players – PvE
... casual raiding guild/stuff.

I'm 35, Belgian, 3 kids and I'm a self employed professional photographer, so that means I can raid from time to time but not 15 hours every week lolz.

I started playing WoW since the end of Vanilla, and with bits and turns (sometimes absence of 4 months) I come back every time.

Now the guild I'm in is totally depleted so I'm looking for some action.

Ilvl without raiding is sitting at 896 atm.

Feel free to get in touch.

If you would be interested in realm and faction changing, take a loot at our forum post and get back to me with my btag (Tymoa#2145)

Good afternoon Isldir

I believe aurora might be a good place for you, we are an ex hardcore guild, a lot of our players now have young children. so we prize ourselves on being as family friendly as possible. If your looking for a guild that raids properly while giving you the flexibility to spend time with your children and and raid around your profession. I have included our standard recruitment post below so you can get an idea of who we are and what we are about.

This content tier we were 3rd in Europe to kill the first 7 bosses in night hold under the name Gnome Land Security on the alliance side, only falling behind slightly with Star Auger. and we aim to push past that goal with the release of tomb. We are a very close guild, we enjoy a good bit of banter and have members from many places over the world! we believe that to succeeded in raiding you need to have a good teamwork, a team that looks out for one an other and genuinely enjoys playing together, always pushing each other on and giving each other a helping hand, this is the sort of environment we encourage in Aurora. and one that has lead to success after success.

Many of our players have families, some with children others have busy personal lives and heavy work commitments. Because of this we don’t expect you to attend every event.

Our goal is to compete at the highest level in PvE end game, but also keeping our core principles at heart, we aim for our raids to be fun, with a pleasant atmosphere. We hate naming and shaming preferring to work with people directly in a more discrete manner to improve their play style, we do not shout over discord as other raid teams do preferring instead to positively encourage our raiders into being the best they can be. Our current long term goal is EU first Kil’jaiden and we know we can get there.

Raid times
[Wednesday 8pm – 11:30pm]
[Saturday 8pm – 12:30/1:30am]
(We are aware that not all can raid till 1:30am and its depending on the amount of raiders who choose to stay.)

If you are interested please contact:
Umuda (Battle Tag ollie#22736)
Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100)
Hi Isuldir,

If you are open for faction and realm change Dads Army might be the place for you.

We are a social raiding guild, looking to clear heroic ToS quickly before moving into mythic ToS. The guild is built up of mostly people in their late 20's and early 30's. There's a large contigent of UK and scandinavians, but I believe there are 1 or 2 from belgium as well.

We are looking for mature experienced players that are looking to progress as far as they can while at the same time maintaining the ethos that this game should first and foremost be a fun and relaxed experience.

We raid 2 times a week from 20:00-23:00 on wed and sun as well as a social raid open to whoever wants without any attendance requirements on fridays from 21:00-24:00.

if you think this might be for you check out our recruitment post

or add me on bnet cana#2795
Hi there!

Thanks for sharing your post, i hope you find what you are looking for.
I run <Divided> on The Maelstrom server. (Horde) http://divided.enjin.com/
Our group consists of friends who have played the game together for about a year or so with currect experience: 7/7 EN HC & 10/10 NH HC.

Our guild is mostly PvE oriented.
What we do:
Occational Social events / Contests
Social raids
Mythic+ pushes

Im proud to say that we are very welcoming towards new players, thoose with game experience and thoose who do not. We encourage players to ask us for help or advice if they want it, and no question is considered "stupid".
The internet is full of offensive comments and the likes, so making a safe haven for new talent was an easy choice to make.

Most of us in the guild have fulltime jobs or studies and we have an average age of 20.
Myself being 30 years of age, having 3 kids and a fulltime job i clearly understand the necessity of sleep and real life chores. I would really like to hear from you, should our presentation make you curious for more.
Have a good one!

Tsn of Divided
B.tag: Sebastian#23194
Our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615291811#1
We are looking for another dps for Friday Marines. We are an alliance weekend raiding guild, we raid on Fridays and Saturdays from 8PM to midnight with an additional optional farm night on Wed.
We are 8/10M this tier. We are in between semi hard core and casual raiding, many of our members are ex-hard core raiders who do not have that much time any more as before, or are alts of current hard-core raiders who seek even more fun in raids on their primary alt.
If it sounds like something you may be interested in have a look at our site at http://fridaymarines.guildlaunch.com/ or our recruitment post at https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615634953
Hi there!

We are currently looking at recruiting a few more members to our raid team and think that you would make a good addition to our group.

So I would just like to introduce ourselves!

Abstine is a Hellfire / Arathor guild that began during MoP with a group of friends who wanted to raid with focus while retaining a friendly social atmosphere. We have members from all over Europe with a wide range of ages but all with a mature attitude. Many of our members have been playing WoW since the early days of Vanilla and TBC and have been raiding together, at all levels, for a long time.

Our Raiding Aims:

Abstine is a primarily heroic mode raiding guild and our aim is to achieve Ahead of the Curve, which we always do. However we will always look at current Mythic raids as and when our team expands. We did achieve our goal with plenty of time to spare! It was just unfortunate that with people with moving to different types of guilds or quitting the game, that we were not able to try to move forward in to Mythic. This is part of the reason why we are recruiting now :)

We raid 3 times a week as we do understand that people need their own time too.

Monday 20.30 - 23.30
Wednesday 20.30 - 23.30
Thursday 20.30 - 23.30

If you have any questions feel free to whisper myself (Libbi - Pinky#2953) or our Officer (Azuria silverwillo#2290) for more information or check out our website at www.abstine.enjin.com

We can't wait to hear from you!

Libbi x
If you are looking for a group of people to have fun with while progressing through Tos, then maybe "Misfits" might be the place for you.
We are a Alliance guild on Defias Brotherhood, who is currently looking for new players to fill our rooster.
Our raiding days are Wednesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00 server time.
If you want more info about us you can check our recruitment post:
Or you can contact any of our officers.
Have a nice day! ;)
Amnesia (Nordrassil, EU) is a social casual guild with a serious raiding aspect. We're a fun-loving bunch who have been around for a couple of years, poking our way through various content while entertaining WoW marriages and other spoonlike adventures. We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 20+. We're not a swing-door guild, meaning we screen people thoroughly to make sure they're a good fit for our in-game family - this also means we can provide a trial raid before you x-fer, so you can have a closer look. If you got humour, patience and need an in-game home, we might be it for you!

Our progress:
EN 7/7 NM/HC, 7/7 Mythic
ToV 3/3 NM/HC, 2/3 Mythic
10/10 NM/HC, 5/10 NH Mythic

We finished last xpac with a 9/13 mythic HFC.

Raid days:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11PM ST.
Discord required. Working mic not necessary, but it is recommended as we're a chatty bunch and would like you to chat with us. :D
Alt runs also provided on Sundays, same time slot. Theyre lots of fun and if you are interested, we can maybe get you into one so you can check us out - we know that transferring is a big deal and this way you can meet some of the guys first, and we can see if we're a good fit for each other. :)

Who are we and what can we offer you?
Generally we're a pretty fun bunch to be around. We help each other out with whatever we need and have a very strong bond going on with our members. We provide successful raids with lots of fun times in an organized environment. We don't require attendance, but naturally candidates which can raid both raid days are prioritized. We also accept socials.

We're relaxed about attendance, because we know a lot of people have lives; families, dodgy work hours, social lives and more. We try to work around that, so we all get to raid and still have functional lives outside the pixels (RL is a lie, we know, but we like to pretend it exists!).

What do we need?
DPS! We're trying to recruit to form a mythic team along the road and to do that, we need more awesome DPS! We'd particularly like a couple of hunters, maybe a shiny monk and otherwise a mixed bag of whatever you lot have hiding out there! People with functional OS are preferred - and if you have RL experience, our RL-team would love someone to nudge raid details around with.

If you have questions feel free to throw us a poke in-game; Etoia#2396 (GM) or Exodeo#2151 (Recruitment officer) or go browse our forum:
Quite a few replies already but you might still be looking for that perfect home and maybe we are it!

✔️ 5 hrs/week
✔️ Relaxed, social group
✔️ Alliance EU Sylvanas
✔️ Unfettered murder and mayhem
✔️ Mon/Thurs 21.00-23.30

Check us out on Wowprogress here:

If you have any questions or concerns, or fancy a chat about things, don’t hesitate to get in touch via RealID:
Hi Isuldir

Fogey may be a fit. We are on Draenor horde

We have been around for Nine years, so a stable home is waiting for a few good people to join us. We have an established raid leader, team members who pass on loot as yours is lower ilvl, and members who genuinely enjoy logging on.

Too good to be true? who knows..

The average age is roughly 30s, which matches your own. If you are looking for a cutting edge guild, that is not us.

We clear all content on heroic difficulty and 1-2 on mythic for fun.
We raid fri-sun-tues 8-10 pm server time.

We could do with a Spriest. Interested?
Give a poke if interested jiera28#1695
You've been quite inundated, but I'll add my spiel to the mix as well just in case! Our recruitment post on our server specific forum is here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615692037. If that sounds like something you're interested in, chuck an add my way on discord (Quilanra#7370 - available most of the time) or battle.net (clivehorse#2369 - usually daily except Sunday 2000 - 2300 server time).
Hey matey wow you've had a fair few responses :)

May aswell throw our hat in the ring too


if you're intrigued always open to chat :)

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