Tuning Adjustments for 21-June

Legion Class Development
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No Havoc T20 buffs? Still worthless to equip.
We told you guys Spirit Bomb has to get nerfed while on PTR, why are you even letting it get live in that form? But no, now overnerfing it even with a 5% overall dmg nerf. That 5% is nerf on top is unnecessary..

While I agree Spirit Bomb being too good pre-nerf, I also want to add that its gameplay acutally made fun. Souls really felt like an important ressource. Not as much on Soul Barrier or Soul Cleave.

OVERnerfing. You are notoriously famous for that.. Even the havoc T20 got hammered into the ground.

Almost as if you're trying to nerf things so hard, that nobody should ever think of using it.

Atleast we got our "major rotational changes" and blog post. Oh wait... we didn't..
well that proof once for all you people from blizzard are never testing your game before the launch, pleaqe go just go out.

Anyway Spirit bomb still gona be mandatory, and sill gonna be op af, even with this nerf Soul cleave remain so useless now because you nerf ALL abilities by 5% so you nerf soul cleave by 5% so Spirit bomb still > Soul clave.

Spirit bomb is an ok nerf, the 5% all abilities is retarded and not necessary.

Druid tank were op during start since now, 3month+ of god tier tanking, monk tankwere op during all NH progress without nerf, Paladin tank still doing insane damage and no nerf, Blood dk can easaly do 700k overall damage on dungeon just as we do but its ok,

HO well done blizzard,i am pretty sure now, its a blind/deaf monkey without arms and legs who's making all those change <3.
3.5% for Ret... and 5% on the set bonus? It gains us a whopping 50k DPS in t20.

I'm doing about 100k DPS less than before the patch...wonderful.

Looking at that great buff and nerf to the top specs... they are still hundreads of thousands of DPS ahead on t20.

Good job! You fixed nothing! I bet we are still bottom of the list even after this.

Would be lovely if you deployed this on a hotfix so you can see how little difference it made and fix it before the raid comes out. Because i am feeling forced to reroll.
17/06/2017 00:42Posted by Deathdot
Most "high ranked" player are not here this is not representative of what specs in general are really doing !

Where are high ranked players then? Are they all on vacation or something?

What an odd thing to say
totally agree with you Deathdot

monitoring performance on a week before the release of a new tier ?

Blizzard next time test your game before launching a patch 1 week before the progress...nha just kidding i know blizzard never lsiten top us

Anyway even with this nerf i will do more dps than bad dps player with my DH and sitll gonna be 1st on dungeon, peace.
yeah 1 week destro was okay, paf nerf.
17/06/2017 00:57Posted by Dacarter
yeah 1 week destro was okay, paf nerf.

A spec doing too much damage gets nerfed, insane.

17/06/2017 00:59Posted by Adlol
17/06/2017 00:57Posted by Dacarter
yeah 1 week destro was okay, paf nerf.

A spec doing too much damage gets nerfed, insane.


Posting with an alt lvl 1 insance...

Choosing a random warcraflotg, insane,

Dude YOU are insane <3
Affliction locks getting mad about this nerf? Really? Have you played the last few days?^^ Afli needed a nerf, bad.
If you needed a final proof that Blizzard doesn't care about Fire & Arcane Mages, SV Hunters and Ret paladins, there you have it.


5% nerf to the current top 3 specs of the game is ridiculous too, considering they are doing ~10% better than anyone else. Afflocks, Destro locks and Arms warrior will still be top 3, only slightly lower.

The only viable way to play Mage will stay Frost. No matter anything that was said during months of Alpha/Beta testing, or since Legion release. Just a bunch of lies.
I like these class changes. No insane buffs and no over nerfs. Vengeance demon hunters have been super insane in Arena lately and i dont think the nerfs to them are enough in a pvp perspective. I do hope these nerfs are enough but please keep an eye on them over the next days/weeks.
we got a 5% nerf and Arms 4%, rly?
17/06/2017 01:19Posted by Dacarter
we got a 5% nerf and Arms 4%, rly?

Welcome to the club.
Great work blizz.
giving arms a 4% newrf while not giving other melee speccs (EG MONK, YOU, THAT CLASS YOU IMPLEMENTED AT MISTS OF PANDARIA) not a single buff.

Really great works.
seems you did again a lot of research and made careful and wise decisions...

still not sure if i should just throw this monk-stuff or playing monk directly onto the garbage...
im so !@#$ing pissed of seeing it all the time, that you cant fix monks in any way.
first u remaster their mastery every 3 patches,
then you get advice how to make monk better and give him an actual scaling and you just keep ignoring it.

its so pathetic, that you cant even read the stuff that has mathematical proof on this forum...
Made a new post here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615741405#1

17/06/2017 00:34Posted by Lawman
SV needs some buffs to it's t20-4p, which in it's current state is . If you're not willing to buff the set, SV hunters will have to continue running nighthold this whole tier (according to sims, which indicate that the nerfed t19 is still better than t20). Another solution could be to integrate the t19-2p bonus into the spec, kinda like you did for the BM shoulders effect. Prefferably I'd like to see both a t20 buff and the t19-2p integrated into the spec, effectively removing most of the reasons to wade through old content this tier aswell as making sure the spec is still competitive and engaging to play.

This, and so much of this.
A bold claim, but here we go. Survival is currently the worst performing DPS specc. With a requirement to think further ahead than most other speccs, if not all other speccs, to get to the middle of the pack on the DPS meter (usually, reaching for the top of the DPS meters often seems like a impossible task.).

It is a specc filled with overlapping abilities, which very often puts you in a position where you might make the wrong decision for what ability to use. Which in turn screws you over on DPS output. This might result in a minor DPS loss or a huge downfall on your DPS.
The overlapping abilities can also be very overwhelming, forcing a player to go with a simpler 'rotation', aka Flanking Strike, Mongoose Bite and Lacerate spam, with the occasional use of other abilities. This means the player(s) simply can't use the specc to its full potential, making it dull and boring.

With that said though, I personally like a complicated specc, but this is too much for most players. And the punishment for doing a misjudgement of what to use, or for simply being really unlucky with your mongoose bite resets, is too huge, and difficult to recover from.

But you ended up with giving us a flat out 3% bandaid buff, which might've just been a 0.1% buff as the problems with the core of the specc is still present.

Some simple 'fixes':
  • Bake T19 2PC into the specc, to minimalise the RNG of mongoose bite further. Which is a counter to the punishment of making a wrong judgement.
  • Combine Raptor Strike and Lacerate, so that when you deal dmg with Raptor Strike, you apply the Lacerate DoT. This means that if players choose the talent "Serpent Sting", they will now apply a DoT dealing nature damage in addition to the bleed DoT, Lacerate. In essence making Raptor Strike apply a poisonous wound.
  • Bake "Way of the Mok'Nathal" into the specc, but consider to tie it to Flanking Strike instead of Raptor Strike. Replace "Way of the Mok'Nathal" with a talent that focuses around Mongoose Bite, a chance to give two Mongoose Fury stacks for instance. Or a talent that focuses on your pet.
  • Bake "Aspect of the Beast" into the specc and replace the talent with something that focuses on your melee abilities, something simple, like reducing the cost on one of your abilities or something along those lines. This is because there are already two talents that focuses on pet or traps in that tier.
  • Carve is a very useless ability, replace it with Dragonsfire Grenade, and make the current talent focus on Dragonsfire Grenade, further empowering it. This is because survival, in most cases, focus on either AoE or single target, rarely are we any good at cleave (2-4 targets). But keep it so that when you choose the Butchery talent, it replaces Dragonsfire Grenade, forcing the hunter to still have to choose what DPS style to focus on, single target, cleave or AoE.
  • For the T20 4PC, this might be too late, but have it rather focus on Mongoose Fury instead of Mongoose bite. Further increasing the dmg by Mongoose Bite per stack of Mongoose Fury. Which would enable survival hunters to have DPS peaks that are more similar to other melee DPS-ers, but still tied to a survivals unique damage rampup through Mongoose Fury. Say for instance, each Mongoose Fury stack further increase your Mongoose Bite dmg by 5 or 10 percent.

This is what I can think of per now.

I really hope that there will be put more focus onto survival, as I personally really enjoy the idea behind the specc. The synergy between the hunter and his pet in close combat. A agile hunter whom got a filled toolkit, traps, harpoon and so forth.

Please do move this feedback post to a appropiate place if needed.
Another 4% nerf to Arms affects PvP so much, especially that you nerfed Mortal Strike by 30% and Rend by 15% in PvP situations. Please consider doing something for Arms PvP.
I am seriously concerned about the performance of WW Monks. I seriously expected some buffs, please don't forget to keep an eye on them after the release of ToS. By then even Blizzard should have realized that something needs to happen.
17/06/2017 03:08Posted by Tomtànks
Another 4% nerf to Arms affects PvP so much, especially that you nerfed Mortal Strike by 30% and Rend by 15% in PvP situations. Please consider doing something for Arms PvP.

Arms warr is litteraly by miles the best class in arena atm. I dont want warriors over nerfed but this 4% nerf is just whats needed

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