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Hey there! I'm a 904 demo warlock that's looking for a raiding guild for the upcoming Tomb opening. I'd love to be part of a guild that raids regularly, aims for decent progress and is generally fun to talk to.

I have 10/10H with 7 kills on Gul'dan(if that makes any difference). At this time I'm not willing to realm change so here are the realms that I'm connected to:

    Shattered Halls
    Laughing Skull

Feel free to reply to me here or on my battle tag Kellt#2944
Good morning Vangeliz, as you have mentioned in your post you are currently not willing to server transfer, if that is still a the class then please a ignore this post ^^ however if you change your mind then by all means read on :)

Now a bit about us. This content tier we were 3rd in Europe to kill the first 7 bosses in night hold under the name Gnome Land Security on the alliance side, only falling behind slightly with Star Auger. and we aim to push past that goal with the release of tomb. We are a very close guild, we enjoy a good bit of banter and have members from many places over the world! we believe that to succeeded in raiding you need to have a good teamwork, a team that looks out for one an other and genuinely enjoys playing together, always pushing each other on and giving each other a helping hand, this is the sort of environment we encourage in Aurora. and one that has lead to success after success.

Many of our players have families, some with children others have busy personal lives and heavy work commitments. Because of this we don’t expect you to attend every event.

Our goal is to compete at the highest level in PvE end game, but also keeping our core principles at heart, we aim for our raids to be fun, with a pleasant atmosphere. We hate naming and shaming preferring to work with people directly in a more discrete manner to improve their play style, we do not shout over discord as other raid teams do preferring instead to positively encourage our raiders into being the best they can be. Our current long term goal is EU first Kil’jaiden and we know we can get there.

Raid times
[Wednesday 8pm – 11:30pm]
[Saturday 8pm – 12:30/1:30am]
(We are aware that not all can raid till 1:30am and its depending on the amount of raiders who choose to stay.)

If you are interested please contact:
Umuda (Battle Tag ollie#22736)
Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100)
Hi man, good luck in the search for our new home. I saw that you were not willing to realmchange but maby our guild could make you change your mind...
Thanks for sharing your post.

I run <Divided> on The Maelstrom server. (Horde) http://divided.enjin.com/
Our group consists of friends who have played the game together for about a year or so with currect experience: 7/7 EN HC & 10/10 NH HC.
Our raiding days: Wednesday - Saturday 19.30-22.30 servertime (gmt+1)

While our guild is a few months old, we still need thoose few more players to start heading into mythic raids and to finnish the ToS core team.
We are recruiting all classes and socials but for raiding we are particularly interested in dps (prefferably ranged) and healers.

Most of us in the guild have fulltime jobs or studies and we have an average age of 20.
Myself being 30 years of age, having 3 kids and a fulltime job i clearly understand the necessity of sleep and real life chores. I would really like to hear from you, should our presentation make you curious for more.
Have a good one!

Tsn of Divided
B.tag: Sebastian#23194
Our recruitment post: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615291811#1
If you change your mind about realm transfer and interested in weekend raiding you could apply at www.unity-ragnaros.com. We raid saturday+sunday 15-19 and are currently 9/10M. You can also add me at Gothmog#2892 if you got some questions.
Amnesia (Nordrassil, EU) is a social casual guild with a serious raiding aspect. We're a fun-loving bunch who have been around for a couple of years, poking our way through various content while entertaining WoW marriages and other spoonlike adventures. We're a mature guild, meaning we mainly recruit people age 20+. We're not a swing-door guild, meaning we screen people thoroughly to make sure they're a good fit for our in-game family - this also means we can provide a trial raid before you x-fer, so you can have a closer look. If you got humour, patience and need an in-game home, we might be it for you!

Our progress:
EN 7/7 NM/HC, 7/7 Mythic
ToV 3/3 NM/HC, 2/3 Mythic
10/10 NM/HC, 5/10 NH Mythic

We finished last xpac with a 9/13 mythic HFC.

Raid days:
Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-11PM ST.
Discord required. Working mic not necessary, but it is recommended as we're a chatty bunch and would like you to chat with us. :D
Alt runs also provided on Sundays, same time slot. Theyre lots of fun and if you are interested, we can maybe get you into one so you can check us out - we know that transferring is a big deal and this way you can meet some of the guys first, and we can see if we're a good fit for each other. :)

Who are we and what can we offer you?
Generally we're a pretty fun bunch to be around. We help each other out with whatever we need and have a very strong bond going on with our members. We provide successful raids with lots of fun times in an organized environment. We don't require attendance, but naturally candidates which can raid both raid days are prioritized. We also accept socials.

We're relaxed about attendance, because we know a lot of people have lives; families, dodgy work hours, social lives and more. We try to work around that, so we all get to raid and still have functional lives outside the pixels (RL is a lie, we know, but we like to pretend it exists!).

What do we need?
DPS! We're trying to recruit to form a mythic team along the road and to do that, we need more awesome DPS! We'd particularly like a couple of hunters, maybe a shiny monk and otherwise a mixed bag of whatever you lot have hiding out there! People with functional OS are preferred - and if you have RL experience, our RL-team would love someone to nudge raid details around with.

If you have questions feel free to throw us a poke in-game; Etoia#2396 (GM) or Exodeo#2151 (Recruitment officer) or go browse our forum:
Shame not connected to Grim-Batol.

Best of luck!

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