New Cloak Models!

Hello Guys!

I Think the cloak models in the game is so casual and doesn't looking Good.
And Blizzard Should Change the Models or Add new Models to The Game.

I Mean Longer and Wider Cloaks that covers all of your Back!

For example The Lich Kings Cloak is Looking awesome And its Merged With Hes Shoulders! '' ''

Maybe not like this, but Something like this can be added to the game! And give more heroic Feelings to the Players!
I totally agree with you, this is something that I really hope and wish for, those cloaks really needs an update/upgrade. We've had a lot of new armor and weapons designs but I feel like the cloaks have been left behind. They are really avarage and outdated, it's like I've been staring at the same type of backs since vanilla. I think implementing new cloak designs could really enhance our heroes to their full extent. Extra note: I still wish for more variations of one sided shoulder armor, from cloth to plate.
Well, we do have some new cloak models, but I agree, I find myself not using cloaks on most of my characters because they just don't fit. They look misplaced on many characters, and weapons often clip through them, which makes them even worse.

I would have loved a cloak model that would have a hood attached, either hanging or actually on your head, or both options!

Weapons clipping through is a problem though, but I guess cloak hiding weapons in some cases wouldn't be a bad thing. Imo.
adding physics to cloaks would be dope af
Came here to post a similar query. Quick search did not disappoint.
This lich king style is epic and should definitely be in the game. Something that covers the shoulders and hang wide.

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