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Issues with frequent periods of high latency on Darksorrow. Sometimes its smooth sailing and other times its unplayable, both in instances and in world. Is there any progress or blue post that can actually acknowledge the issue at this point which seems quite prevalent.
it's been 2 months fix this sh1t blizzard
Past few days non stop world ms spikes becomes nigh on unplayable with huge delays. Seriously can we get some help?
I have same issues with latency for several days now, got 6k ms and around 5k ms in home latency, it got to 3k but then I get DC-ed, its really unplayable
This thread was primarily to deal with those players on Turkish IPs that seemed to be having trouble, it was never intended to address all latency issues.

If you're experiencing problems with your connection please work through all the steps in the Disconnection and Latency Issues in Blizzard Games article on the support site.

If none of the steps help then please create a new thread describing your issue in as much detail as possible including any error message you recieve. You should also include a traceroute and pathping taken at the time of the issue and the same again taken when you are NOT experiencing latency.

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