[H] Tessellate 6/9M Recruiting TOP level players only.

Twisting Nether
Hey there,

Tessellate is a mythic raiding guild based on Twisting Nether currently recruiting DPS both melee and ranged that are capable of performing on a top level.

We're currently recruiting all types of MELEE DPS and RDPS, aswell as 1 TANK (Druid,DK).

Our raiding schedule is Mon - Wed - Thu 20:15 to 23:30 with optional Sunday heroic clear.

Current requirements is a minimum of 935 ILVL 9/9HC, With mythic raiding experience of previous tiers or expansions. OR 4/9M if this is your first raiding tier.

You're required to provide logs to prove your capabilities as a raider.

If you're interested please do leave a reply or contact me in game, BNET: mejren#2121.

Thank you.

Updated: the 6th of October 2017.
Still looking for DPS
I'm a frost/arcane mage 905 ilvl with Cata,Mop and Wod exp.
I've started playing legion a month ago and I'm looking for a good/reliable guild to progress in 7.2.5
8/9HC ToS currently. Still on the lookout for raiders!
Still recruiting for Mythic ToS!

Mainly looking for: All healers & DPS with the exception of Warlocks.

High priority on:

Holy Paladin
Balance Druid
Arms Warrior
MM or BM hunter
Still actively seeking players for mythic progression


Holy paladin
Resto Druid / balance
Disc priests

We expect you to have 7/9 HC minimum with 915 equipped (prefer 4 set and curved players)

Lower geared/progressed players also considered however won't be taken into progress raids/none farm bosses

Bnet mejren#2121

Helllo i see you mainly are in need of Holy pal, druid and a disc..

Well i will give it a try atleast..

Demon hunter Dps 921 iLvl 916 EQ, Legs for single and AoE spec
With a decent tank off spec (and the skills required)

Legion progress 7/7 Mythic EM with early cutting edge
2/3 Mythic ToV - 5/10 mythic NH then i had to study for the exams so didnt get to 10/10m which my currently guild have and thats also why my raid spot got taken in the guild and it is also the reason that im only 9/9 N in ToS and 2/9 hc..

Been clearing most content on the hardest difficult since wotlk

Hope you will consider me, catch me ingame Fogh94#2251
Currently looking for 1 holy priest & 1 MW monk.
Also still open for exceptional DPS applicants.

Bnet mejren#2121
Still on the look out for exceptional rdps/melee and healers. If you prove to be an upgrade to the team you'll get a raiding spot.
Still open for recruiting
Still recruiting healers and DPS 925+ 9/9HC minimum
still open for recruiting, mistress progress!
Open spots currently: 1 Tank 1 Heal 4 DPS (2 melee 2 ranged)

Contact in-game mejren#2121
Recruitment post updated.

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