[H] Tessellate 4/9M 9/9HC Recruiting

Twisting Nether
Hey there,

Tessellate is a mythic raiding guild based on Twisting Nether currently recruiting all roles and classes.

We aim to clear end game content while it is still relevant.

We're currently recruiting Healers and DPS melee or ranged for core raiding spots in ToS

We raid Mon - Wed - Thu 20:15 to 23:30 and willing to push for 1 extra day on new tier releases for first 2 weeks to have an edge on progression.

If you're interested please do leave a reply or contact me in game, btag mejren#2121.

Still looking for DPS
I'm a frost/arcane mage 905 ilvl with Cata,Mop and Wod exp.
I've started playing legion a month ago and I'm looking for a good/reliable guild to progress in 7.2.5
8/9HC ToS currently. Still on the lookout for raiders!
Still recruiting for Mythic ToS!

Mainly looking for: All healers & DPS with the exception of Warlocks.

High priority on:

Holy Paladin
Balance Druid
Arms Warrior
MM or BM hunter
Still actively seeking players for mythic progression


Holy paladin
Resto Druid / balance
Disc priests

We expect you to have 7/9 HC minimum with 915 equipped (prefer 4 set and curved players)

Lower geared/progressed players also considered however won't be taken into progress raids/none farm bosses

Bnet mejren#2121

Helllo i see you mainly are in need of Holy pal, druid and a disc..

Well i will give it a try atleast..

Demon hunter Dps 921 iLvl 916 EQ, Legs for single and AoE spec
With a decent tank off spec (and the skills required)

Legion progress 7/7 Mythic EM with early cutting edge
2/3 Mythic ToV - 5/10 mythic NH then i had to study for the exams so didnt get to 10/10m which my currently guild have and thats also why my raid spot got taken in the guild and it is also the reason that im only 9/9 N in ToS and 2/9 hc..

Been clearing most content on the hardest difficult since wotlk

Hope you will consider me, catch me ingame Fogh94#2251
Currently looking for 1 holy priest & 1 MW monk.
Also still open for exceptional DPS applicants.

Bnet mejren#2121
Still on the look out for exceptional rdps/melee and healers. If you prove to be an upgrade to the team you'll get a raiding spot.
Still open for recruiting
Still recruiting healers and DPS 925+ 9/9HC minimum

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