[H] Edge of Sanity - 1 Day/Week - 1/11M - 11/11HC

Edge of Sanity is a ambitious and motivated community by former top players.
Our goal is to create a 1-day raiding group with as much success as possible with the least amount of time.

The most of us raided hardcore in the past, but with Legion we wanted to take a step back. We want to establish a strong group, so that we can manage to clear heroic in one day, and progress mythic after that. We have no intention to raid hardcore again, but as we still have the ambition to raid on a high performance, we are looking for likeminded people.

We raid at 18:00 - 23:00 on Sundays.

We are recruiting!

Looking for:
- Any exceptional dps/healer

What can we offer?

- fast content clearing
- experienced raidleading
- a stable guild
- no requirement for constant attendance
- a helpful community
- fair loot handling
- playing with ex-top players (server first raiders, r1 gladiators, etc.)

What do we need?

People that:
- mastered their class
- are able to adapt fast
- are coming prepared to a raid (guides, consumables, etc.)
- possess proper english skills and are understandable in voice
- have considerable experience in the game
- can work with feedback

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We are excited to hear from you!

Ingame: Azzin#2381, Praey#2363
Discord: https://discord.gg/CG22aH5
E-Mail: Xeon-@gmx.net
Group is doing well, we will soon pug our first mythic tos raids on kazzak after we cleared heroic.
cleared heroic, looking for more members to fill a mythic raid
Group is growing nice, many good players joined recently soon we might be able to do mythic
We are currently 15 people on kazzak 21 in total, growing
are you still looking for a tank?
941 Arms warri experienced enough to handle the atbt, Ex-Hfc-mythicRaider
Did our first mythic pug today, was pretty easy kill but we decided to end before trying hounds

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