Darkshore Cub P/P?

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Is Darkshore Cub still obtainable in P/P breed? I was searching in google, and there was some old guides from MoP about using this pet in P/P breed. Both wowhead and warcraftpets showing that this guy can go p/p.

The problem is I farmed it today for like straight 2 hours. I killed over 100 of them, on both Alliance and Horde toons, yet I didn't saw even a single one with p/p breed, despite of quality. It's like impossible to get. I lost all my hope for that one, so please, if someone know anything about it in Legion or specifically in this patch, let me know. I don't really want to spend another couple of hours only to get this one pet. Am I extremely unlucky here?
Is it possible that your addon is not showing the right breed? We had an outbreak of that a year or so ago when Blizzard changed the stats during wild battles.

Capture some and use
to check their stats and breed manually.
Thank you OP for giving me an excuse to go somewhere!
As I needed to get that one myself I decided to make an attempt today.

Result (both Pet Tracker and Battle Pet BreedID on):

There is no P/B Darkshore Cub, so even without a graph it occurred to me that something's not quite right. Time for capturing! :)

The lesser level and quality, the greater chance that addons are confused even for the most stable and thorough addons. The stat values aren't stored 1 to 1 but in simple constants that are multiplied by level, quality and breed factors [for health it starts as 5(20+H), where H is the stored constant]. And during a wild battle they need to be recalculated even more!

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