Help needed to invite my alts in my own guild

Hi people, i'm back in WoW after some years that i didn't play it, apparently all my friends don't play WoW anymore and i'm in the situation where i can't invite my alts in my own guild (that was honestly just created to have guild bonus without really being in an "active" guild), me and my friends used to invite each other alts in the guild but as i said they don't play anymore.

Maybe someone of you guys is a very nice person and could help me to invite my alts in that guild (Note: It would just require to create a level 1 character in my realm and to invite my alts in the guild).
In any case thank you for reading and have a good day!
I'll help if you still need it.
Hey Dottie, yes i still need it, it would be great to get your help!
Ehh... do you have a character online I could help? It's easy enough but only if I can ping you. ;-)
i have the same problem with 2 new alts, yet all my other alts are in my guild, so if any 1 can help that would be great my other 2 chars are thepunisher & hardasfook or message me ingame via Kandalf & we can set something up that would be great :)

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