[A] Deus Ex (11/11 Mythic) not so newly arrived guild

Greetings friends!

I am going to keep this short and sweet because no one really likes reading a bunch of jibberjab and I don't fancy writing any essays either.

Anyhow, we are a guild that migrated from Xavius to Frostmane. Currently cleared all the given content. Seen our fair share of ups and down. I'd also say that most of us are friendly enough and more than willing to team up for some shenanigans. Mythic pluses, raiding, PvP, you name it!

Some very brief information about the guild would be;

- Raiding three days. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 20-23. Realm time, none of that living in the past UK stuff.
- Cleared the current content
- Been around since Cataclysm
- Currently recruiting either a rogue or dk. Also looking at some caster dps.
- Feel free to add me at Kakmonstret#2723 for a better conversation

To round things up, I look forward to meeting you guys and playing on a better realm! :)
Killed Mistress, tis' the season to be jolly!
Just saying Hi...and welcome i guess.
08/09/2017 15:50Posted by Varenika
Just saying Hi...and welcome i guess.

Many thanks! I hope you will have a nice weekend. :)

Update as well, 7/9 and started our fun vs Avatar.
Avatar is dead! Pretty god damn happy right now! \o/
Hello Deus Ex bois
Mythic Kil'Jaeden has finally fallen! Happy times and vacation! \o/
Grats on KJ boys - well deserved
14/11/2017 14:34Posted by Radíance
Grats on KJ boys - well deserved

Very late reply from my end but thank you!

Cleared heroic Antorus as well. Most encounters were pretty god damn easy but as to be expected from heroic. Gives us a relaxing few days before mythic kicks in. ^^
Took some early and easy kills. High command down to 30% as well. Should die on Monday and get us started on portal bastard!
We're 6/11 now! The bosses so far haven't been much to cheer for but I am happy regardless. :)

Did our last mythic raid before Christmas, the only progress I'll be doing is on my waist size and that ham that is in dire need of being eaten.
Coven of waifus dead. Significantly delayed due to the fps/lag issues we've had this week. Oh well, a kill is a kill! :D
The flame of our fallen foe Aggramar has finally been snuffed out. This particular boss have been very challenging. Bringing out sword combinations, add management and various circles that needs to be avoided. All in all, a tough encounter. That only adds to the joy we all felt tonight seeing as we're officially 10/11 Mythic with one bastard remaining. Good job everyone! Perfect way to enter this weekend! :D

Regarding recruitment, we are very much looking to add one capable dps, be it melee or caster. Kakmonstret#2723
323 pulls later and Argus is dead! No amount of words can describe how happy I am now that we are done with all the progress. :D Here's for a nice time relaxing and farming until BFA is upon us.

For recruitment related matters - Kakmonstret#2723

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