Wrath of the Lich King style 3d belt model bug

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There is a bug in the 3d model of WoTLK style 3d belt models on the new human female model where it appears as a flat texture. This bug is ONLY present on the new human female model, it is not present on other races and genders. It's also not present on the old human female model, only the new one. I know I have sent at least a dozen bug reports on the PTR and live and on the PTR feedback thread, yet this issue has still yet to be addressed. I hope this bug is fixed sooner than later, as it really messes up some transmogs.

Here is an image of the broken belt model in question.
wonder if this bug will ever be addressed/fixed?
Support don't work on bugs, they can tell you when/if something will be fixed as they don't really have that information. It's likely graphical bugs tend to be low priority in games though unless they're actually gamebreaking, just due to time :/
But you need to report bugs ingame https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/reporting-a-bug
I've been sending dozens of bug reports, in every build thats rolled out.
Then it's likely just not very high on the priority list. It's very common in large games that graphical glitches don't receive priority, I've seen it happen in other MMOs too.
It's not just that belt, it all the belts with 3d models. Everything is a flat surface.
If you want to discuss a certain game feature or aspect of the game it should be done in the General Forum. If you think you have come across something that is broken or bugged then it needs to be reported as such, it's not something we can assist with through the technical support forums.

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