Item Level - this has to be improved

To be honest the gearing in legion is getting really sloppy. Not only is ilvl becoming even less relevant as a metric, trinkets are terribly balanced, and it's really difficult to see some direct upgrades unless you start to spreadsheet your character, which i think not everyone should need to do.

There is the question how explicit should blizzard be? Should each trinket just come with a number after the proc that says roughly how much dps it should do?
Back in the days it was real thing for some new players, i heard stories about Mages who tryed to stack agility thinking that will give him more crit.
22/05/2017 13:32Posted by Gorazul
22/05/2017 10:38Posted by Tsjoh
ilvl is only saying how much stats it has (and or the strength of the utility of a trinket). Not how good it is for your specific class/spec.

Yes I know - this is why I suggested that items ALSO have Current Spec Item Level that indicated how good the item is for your current spec/talent choices.

This sort of defeats the purpose of having a diverse selection of stats to choose from.
With this you might as well just remove stats all together and have the armour pieces give a flat damage increase to certain specs (e.g. Cloak of Firepower giving +5% damage increased to fire mages and 0% to frost mages).

Sure you can always make an addon that does the work. But if Blizzard were to make this, they might as well scrap the current system.
As others have said, it's difficult to get a true indicator of how valuable an item is for you because of several factors:
- Your class, race and spec
- Your stat priority
- Your stats from current gear
- Your talent choices
- Your artifact traits
- Your preferred playstyle
- Your group/raid composition (including the needs of your group)
- What enemies you are fighting and how many
- Possibly others.. there's SO many factors that can change the value of your stats

The moment Blizzard makes it official which stats are better than others (possibly alienating people playing with certain spec or talents as well) then the more elitists will say play this spec with this gear or no inv.

They had planned to make stats quite even so that even a massive ilvl increase should be taken regardless of stats. Looking at the evidence however, in many cases this seems to not have worked as well as they hoped.

The only 'real' way at the moment (at least the most accurate) would be to run a sim based on your gear and how many enemies you will fight etc. Sims are just simulations though and can never fully reflect results because of RNG and other external factors.

If you DID decide to sim, just download the Pawn AddOn which will show you how much of a % upgrade a certain piece of gear is for each spec. You have to input your own stat weights (e.g. how much value each stat has) and it will calculate the worth of each piece of gear based on your spec, talents and equipped gear.

To get stat weights, you can find general spec-specific ones on websites such as Noxxic or Iceveins which are generic and probably not tailored to your own character, or you could run a sim using SimulationCraft or go on and run a sim there - no downloads required. Then simply paste those stat weights into the Pawn AddOn in-game.

But remember that if you did get a new piece of gear then ideally you would have to equip it, relog to let armoury update and then run another sim because it may have changed your stat weights to some degree.

Failing the above, you could just pass on the whole thing and save yourself a headache. It becomes more of an issue at the very highest levels of gameplay, and is less problematic for easier content.
There is Pawn addon designed for stats optimizing.
Dear mr OP
There is no way that blizz would do that because it simply mislead a lot of people.
There are numerous factors in consideration of what will you gain of an item. The only accurate results would be running the same instance multiple times with different items. Even simcraft is not accurate and you have to be very specific on what kind of fights you will be doing so you wont get aflse results. A simple item could be a boost to an AOE fight but not a ST fight ect. To me the only thing that should be on an item is the proc chance of a specific buff and the internal cd that has it so everyone can calculate if it is a boost or not.
23/05/2017 13:21Posted by Gorazul
many many players wear worse gear than what they have in their bags because they are mislead by iLvl

Why do you care what idiots use?
26/05/2017 03:29Posted by Feralz
There is Pawn addon designed for stats optimizing.

Pawn only works if you have the correct stat weights for your toon, that means siming yourself every 5'ilv's or so, even then it can't put a numerical % in how much better a trinket with a special effect on it is worth, again, you need to sim.
26/05/2017 13:26Posted by Grystone
Pawn only works if you have the correct stat weights for your toon, that means siming yourself every 5'ilv's or so, even then it can't put a numerical % in how much better a trinket with a special effect on it is worth, again, you need to sim.

In theory, changing even 1 piece of gear could change the stat weights. I'm not familiar enough with the addon API, but I guess it should be possible for Pawn to automatically sim me every time I change my gear and update the stat weights automatically.

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