Thinking of taking a break

i wont pretend to be a end game raider im a social pvp player and just feeling burnt out took a break just before panda land played near end of panda land now just feel burn out with no new pvp content apart from the brawls what are very fun but only last 6 days .

unless anyone can give idea's on what else to do the ap grind is not my idea of fun grinding mogs is somwhat fun but feel like doing that puts you at a disadvantage as you dont get ap to up your power i know its only what 5% in pvp but that can make all the diffrence between a win and loss

guess all im saying is im tired real tired and need some help getting the love back into pvp
Just take a break if you want one, there are many blogs and guides saying what you can do at 110, go read some.
sup dottie that a new guild ? yeah those blogs just say pve stuff that holds no intrest to me do dungons lfr once seen it and done it it holds no intrest after 1 run

at least with pvp its a ever changing enviorment the map is the same but you are playing players not scripted npcs with predictable paths and move sets ect the bgs used to make my heart rush now its just o look a mage lock him down burst him to death in 3 secs move to next target .

i just miss needing to think your tactics out on what class you where attacking and using cc slows ect and fights lasted more than a few seconds of high dps .

like old av you got the feel of a real strugle to push past the enemy line and harrass them to their spawn then kill the boss i miss the strugle
What Dottie said, taking a break from time to time is healthy. If you have to force yourself to play then it's not worth your time.

As for ideas to do stuff, I'm a big fan of writing lists of things to do so in your case I would pick a few sets I would like to farm and then do those raids/dungeons for a month or two. Set your goals too high and thus unattainable and you will only be disappointed. Be wise :)
dunsparrow thats a realy good idea actuly there is a fair few sets i would like to get from older content and i can do them a hour or so at a time and take a break and play other stuff or catch up on my reading sounds like a plan thank you
Great :) Have fun with that!
take a break, the game is even more garbage than WoD

OSRS > WoW (Cheaper sub cost too ;) )
14/05/2017 15:59Posted by Aelre

unless anyone can give idea's on what else to do the ap grind is not my idea of fun

What ap grind? im at 47 traits and i havent grinded one single time. Every piece of AP i get is from content i do for fun. And since you say you only pvp i doubt AP has that much of a factor.... That said, i just realized you aren't even 110... How are you even complaining about AP again when you arent even capped?

Also prestige 0 and honor 1...Ok...

EDIT: If you want to take a break you should, breaks from videogames are good.
I got burned out before 7.2 and took a 1-2 months break. I do not regret it even tho I had to grind harder to kinda catch up when I came back.

Now I'm getting burned out again, but instead of quitting completely once more, I'm trying another approach that is kinda working for me. I removed all the grind and all the daily chores out of the equation, if I log in, it's to raid or do m+. I'll get behind on AP but I still have the chance to progress in gear and well, use my subscription.

I will probably get back on the horse (more srsly) a bit before or when ToS releases.

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