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Looking for Players – PvE
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Raid team all set up on Tarren Mill now and ready to go.........have transferred our tanks, healers and a few dps so could really do with a handful of dps to get things going on this realm. All our current players are well geared and experienced...we are just lacking in numbers at the moment....nows a good time to get established in the team/guild :)
have had a few members in so building slowly but surely....but could really do with getting some strong Rdps in...seems to be melee everywhere!

If you are maybe a HC raider who performs well, always looking to improve, enjoys having a laugh while raiding and thinks they could fit well in to a mature, friendly team looking to push in to mythic and build a great raiding environment within an already well established community, then this could be the perfect option for you!
Things are ticking along nicely, have gained some good players (one with 7/10M prog)......but are still in need of more to complete the roster!

Rdps still a prio...but honestly, the only thing we really dont want currently are tanks....will still need one strong healer and more dps in general to complete the roster.

Nows a good chance to get onboard a mature, social, friendly raid team looking for mythic adventures :)

Btag is Squire#11925 if you wish to speak more.

I am looking for a new home having been in the DING guild for 11 years (Mature guild). Our guild has stopped and everyone has scattered. I am definitely in the mature category, a chap old enough to remember the 1970s, so hopefully that's not an issue. My progress is all heroic raids inc 3/7 NH Mythic, but as a Holy Priest Healer (ilvl906-910 depending on gear). I have some alts over ilvl890 too (Mage and Demon Hunter). So do you need any healers?
Oh Hey Hellie!

Well we are def looking for and will be wanting a strong 4th healer for When we hit nearer the 20ish mark (currently at 15ish but recruiting is going well, so its on the rise!). Hahah no Age is not an issue, we have some older folk in our guild already!

If you'd like to chat more than feel free to add my Btag Squire#11925

Also, to everyone else who may be reading....Would really love Hunter/Boomkin.....maybe also a Frost dk/Druid/monk with a tank OS.......and maybe a DPS with Healing OS as well!
Recruitment is coming along nicely and after 1 raid in ToS we are at 7/9 Normal, effective raiding time was around 2 hours due to addon issues so all in all a good start.

In terms of recruitment we are still in need of an Ele shaman, Balance druid, Windwalker monk and Dps DK. We however encourage all interested parties to contact us for a talk and we can move on from there :)
Now 6/9 H ToS,

Still looking for a few people to fill out our raid, currently running around 23 people for heroic, looking for an extra healer(pala,shaman,druid) and a couple dps (ele,spriest,boomkin,windwalker,warrior)
7/9 HC now, Still in search of a 5th healer and a spriest,boomkin and rogue :)
Is it ok to add your #btag? I'd like to have a chat but didn't want to randomly add you!

Finished up HC ToS, and had out first couple pulls of Mythic Goroth.
Routinely running 22-25 raiders in HC but still want to strengthen our team toward mythic.

Looking for a strong Pala,Druid or Shaman healer as well as a Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Arms warrior and Frost/Unholy DK.
Finished off Goroth and continuing progression into mythic ToS.

Currently running with steady numbers of around 25 each night. Still looking for a shadow priest and boomkin, while applications for dps spots as warrior,DK and warlock will also be considered.

Finally a paladin or druid healer would nicely compliment our current healing roster.
Downed Harjatan and we are currently progressing on Demonic Inquisition.

Recruitment priorities are now Balance Druid, Shadow Priest and Warlock.

Secondary consideration will be given to Resto Druids and DPS DK.

While strong applicants of the remaining classes and specs will be considered on a case by case basis.
Made quick work of Demonic inquisition and we are now onto Sisters.

Still looking for a shadowpriest and balance druid but we are always open to all classes.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Updated to reflect current recruitment status, actively searching for several ranged specs while melee will still be considered.
4/9 Mythic after another good night of raiding. Still looking to add some strong ranged dps to our roster while still considering any exceptional applicant.

I'm currently looking to change guild since their raiding days don't fit my work schedule anymore. Wednesday & sunday is perfect for me, hence my reply. Before committing to a full application, server change etc. I'd like to know if i fit the general vibe of the team. i'll link a more indepth post i made about myself looking for a guild here:

i'd be glad to answer any questions, have a talk, do some dungeons together etc, add me if you will: incleficker#2730.

Thanks for reading.
Hi BeardedClam, ill add you in the morning so we can have talk.

Other than that, time to update again, went 5/9 mythic tonight after reclear and downing desolate in 6 pulls :).
Made an update to original post, still searching for a few reliable dps, mainly ranged but also 1 plate dps. Applicants are expected to make the majority of raids :)

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