Wow Armory mobile app

Anyone experiencing issues with wow Armory app? (Not the companion one). It logs me in but I am unable to carry out any action. Tried logging off and checked for updates.
Same here since today.
Its always been buggy for me though after the 7.0 patch, but at least it sorta worked, now not at all.
Same problem for me...
Most times cannot connect to AH or Guild Chat since September.
I had the same issue, and apparently "factory data reset" fixed it. It was getting annoying as hell not being able to do anything in the app, but since I did the reset, its working like charm.
It started working :D... Companion app however stopped. Stuck on "connecting"
Yeah it doesnt work anymore.
Since the patch I been having problems with both apps just wont connect at all. Is annoying as hell.
You need to reinstall it.

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