BM hunter LF guild

Twisting Nether
-LF heroic guild and mythic progress for ToS who raid in the weekends.
-7/7 M EN (not cutting edge) 10/10 HC NH 1/10 M NH (Spellblade, havent had the change to get into mythic properly because of the job)
-Best time for me to attend is saturdays and sundays from 19 ST foward due to my work and cannot attend 100% on work days because its 2 shift job (mornings 5-13 evenings 13-21)
-Can raid on weekdays but will be home @ 21.20 after evening shift so if thats ok contact :)
-You can contact me for more info via bnet or whisper me ingame
Bnet tag is Nekkeeh#2407

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