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Twisting Nether
Hi we are looking for players of all class spec and ability to join out friendly casual raiding guild

we are currently raiding twice a week with raid days being Wednesday and Thursday 20:00-23:00 realm time.

we are a group of friends that have been playing together for a number of years and would invite you to join us to bolster our raiding team for Tomb of Sargeras and beyond

So if your looking for a new home for your Characters where you dont have to be in the top 1% to get a raid spot drop one of our officer a chat in game or leave a message on here

Thanks for reading this post

Hi, I've been looking for a chill guild for a while.
I've been playing since vanilla, raided quite heavily in WotLK but then became more casual and changed my focus to PvP for the last years.
Anyway, now Im interested in getting back into the raiding game but I've dealt with enough elitism in the PvP community and you guys seem pretty chilled out.
Ideally I'd like to join on my DH, but I know the world is saturated with them so I do have some alternatives, feel free to add my Btag: JetVypre#2909 to discuss it or I'll try and catch you/one of your officers in game :)
welcome to the guild itraarith!!!
come join us guys !!!
Room for a lock? =)
yes m8 ofc..give one of us a shout in game for an invite

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