9/11M <Potential> Late Night Guild Recruitment

Mistress should hopefully die tonight, still looking for more strong dps to add to our roster.
...And Mistress dead, sadly post nerf. Maiden progress up next, bringing out people's suicidal tendencies and explosive urges.
World rank 666 for Mistress kill. Aptly sums up my opinion of the boss.
Getting some good pulls in on Maiden, now just need to focus for 6 minutes to kill it. Looking for more dps, with a preference towards rogues, warriors, shadow priests and warlocks.
Maiden down to 30% with a kill coming soon™. Always looking for strong dps players.
Got really close to a kill tonight, sadly not quite able to make it though. Definitely will kill it next week and then onto fallen avatar.
Recleared our full 6/9 in one night, not as clean as it could have been but satisfying nonetheless. Maiden should really die tomorrow. Looking for strong DPS players as well as a holy paladin.
Still Search For a Mage ?>
We have 3 mages at the moment, so I'm not sure. If you're interested you can always fill in an app on our forums.

Also, 7/9M with Maiden down, so moving on to Avatar. Looking for rogues because who doesn't like ignoring mechanics, as well as other strong players.
More Avatar progress this week, currently looking for a holy paladin and strong dps for Avatar and KJ as we continue working our way through the last 2 bosses in this instance.
More avatar progress, breaking the 3rd shield and practicing phase 2 yesterday, hopefully getting close to a kill? Looking for good additions to our roster for the last 2 bosses and looking ahead to antorus.
Had a smooth reclear last night, clearing our full 7/9M in one night leaving us with 2 nights to work on Avatar.
Got the 3rd shield of maiden down on avatar along with nailing down P2, so should be getting close to a kill, clearing the way to KJ. Looking for valuable additions to our roster for the last two bosses of this tier as well as moving towards antorus, particularly a holy paladin and dps players.
Avatar getting close to his end with pulls getting down to 20%, hopefully cleaning up the end of p1 so we can kill him this Monday. Looking for strong DPS either melee or ranged who would be valuable additions to our roster, as well as possibly another healer (pref disc priest/hpala)
More low % avatar pulls this evening, looking for healers (not holy priest or mistweaver) and dps to strengthen our roster
Potential still recruiting! Close to 8/9 M kills, apply to join in the fun! LF dpsers and healers (rshammy/rdruid/hpally)
Still looking for good rdps and a couple of healers! http://potential-guild.eu/forum/index.php
still need some healers and ranged, mkay thanks!

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