8/11 HC- Kindredship Looking For New Members


I am the GM of Kindredship, a casual guild of friends who have been raiding together down the years. We are an experienced guild who after getting back into raiding in the new year are progressing well in ATBT HC. We are currently 8/11 HC.

As a guild, we were most prominent in The Nighthold and went 10/10 HC on farm. We wanted to break into Mythic as we were serious enough to want to make that step, however we always struggled to recruit the numbers. We find ourselves to be very comfortable raiding at this level, and have similar goals for ATBT, and are on track to clear HC in the next few weeks.

We are now looking for new members to join our close group to strengthen our core of raiders. We value having a good attitude. Raids are as much about the environment and the people you are with, as they are about the loot and progression. We always welcome focused, lighthearted players.

Our Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 (RT).

All rolls/classes are welcome. Previous raiding experience from you would be ideal.

At heart, we're just a chilled group of friends who like to have a laugh, but always focus on progression and having smooth runs.

If you would like to ask about more details, or to have a chat, please feel free to add me (AlisterWAAB#2109).

What days do you raid on?

Tuesday and Thursday 20:30 - 23:00 RT

We are still in need of a healer, please feel free to contact me on the above battle.net tag.

Cheers :)
I have added you ingame Skrumpi.

I'm currently on another server, but i'm looking for something else :)
-- As an update --

Yesterday was our first day since returning and we headed in to normal, clearing 7/11 with relative ease. It felt good to be back and fun was had by all.
Tank still wanted :)
Added you to BNet Skrumpi - Im Kitty :) Ill be online later for a chat.
Update in main post :)

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