So many bots in Battlegrounds!!

Blizz, can you PLEASE do something about all the bots in the BGs??

All they do is run toward the healers and nuke them down! They have seemingly perfect crowd-control on the healers and we lack healers as it is! No wonder no healers want to do random bgs when bots are allowed to roam freely!

This is so stupid! It's always players that are 0-1 prestige. And it's always at least 50% of the teams that are bots! Weird enough, one can barely win 1 out of 10 games no matter which side one plays as.

People using that HonorBuddy and what not is destroying random battlegrounds.
I try to help our healers, but it's impossible when you are so controlled that you can't get a single cast off, while the healers dies in less than 2 seconds. The idiot bots even ignore flag-carriers as they run past them, to then chase them down afterwards.

This is beyond stupid!
Its not honorbuddy, its blizzbots filling your bgs since there is not enough ppl to fill em, and blizz dont want the few ppl left to get affected with rly long ques, so here comes the bots

Are you sure they are not just typical tunnel visioning players?

I find it hard to imagine that there is such a sophisticated A.I. that can home on the enemy healers and keep CCing them
27/06/2017 03:00Posted by Mïreïa
one can barely win 1 out of 10 games no matter which side one plays as.

then its u there is the problem or ur are bringing it into the bg like u nerd raging after the first 15 secs of the bg or the popular ohh no russians im going afk....

i just started pvping abit on this druid its low geared and low on traits and i have no problem playing.. yes ppl target me and i go down at a point but its not unplayable

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