Rate the transmog above you part 3

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Oooo, I really like that -- fits a Blood Elf so perfectly :)

You did a really good job there with the xmog. Everything fits, even the title hehe.

Giving you a clear 10/10.
Good colour match. You look like a swedish priest. 10/10 for the accent and the outfit.
Very fitting for a Night Elf Shadow Priest :) 10/10

Oops forgot to mog my boots back :S But they are the missing part of the set :)
I feel like you look more like a mage than a priest even though the mog itself is very nice, perhaps throw some more blues and yellows in there since youre holy?

Mog - 7/10

Need bigger boots and not sandals, then it'd be perfect.

Very classic priest mog, nothing that new. It looks good though.

However.. Dwarf male.

Shadowy, but not over done. Sweet shoulders and matching colors without transmogging the artifact

Undead though...

I like the gold and the black...matches holy nicely

Bonus points for not wearing a robe coz i hate them xD

edit: for some reason my profile isnt updating, so ingnore the mismatched shoes and weapon x

I dislike the staff, but didnt really take that into consideration if the armory is just being slow. Otherwise a really unique mog, I like that it isnt some generic robe set from a random raiding tier but something that you put effort into designing.

Overall its a nice set, the shoulders stand out too much in my opinion.
6/10 Not great, very boring.
12/12/2017 11:22Posted by Angelz
6/10 Not great, very boring.

8/10, Colours match and it flows nicely.

I went for a cowgirl style appearance.

Like the country style, you look like the nevadan priest next door.
4/10. Too flashy and that hood and belt. :/
8/10 looks like some suramar npc
Awww bless you look cool :D 8/10
Ho ho ho

10/10, for reasons..

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